Many new bloggers often wonder why their blog posts never attract any LIKES or comments by visitors. They are not aware of the factors that persuade the readers to share and comment on their blog. Being a blogger, you need to create such a content that teaches something to your readers, provides some useful information or a solution to a problem. In this way, the readers will be attracted to your blog, leave comments on it and share it with others. Here are the top reasons why people won’t LIKE your blog or comment on them:

1.    Your title isn’t attractive

One of the most important factors that attract the readers to your blog is your title. No matter how effectively you’ve written the content, having a boring title will never draw people to your blog because title is the first thing that people notice when they visit your blog. It can be said that your title is a crowd-puller.

2.    Your content is of low quality

Another major reason why your blog posts are not shared or commented is the lack of quality in your content. People love to share useful information with their family, friends and colleagues. If you don’t provide sufficient and updated information to people, or if your content lacks quality, your readers will never comment on it or share it with others. People will only share your articles if you have written a quality post.

3.    Your content is not reader-centric

In order to increase the number of shares and comments on your blog, you need to create content that is reader-centric. If you always write about yourself, your company, or your products, it won’t interest the readers much. So, you should keep the focus of your content on the interests of your readers.

4.    You never reply to visitors’ comments

One more reason why people don’t comment is that the blogger doesn’t reply to them. Many bloggers don’t even bother to reply to visitor’s comments because either they are too lazy to reply or they don’t have time for it. So, if you want comments on your blog, you should always reply to each and every visitor’s comments as quickly as possible.

5.     You’re not linked to social media

If you want to increase the number of shares on your blog, it is important that you join a social media network or group. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow users to comment on various posts and share them with each other. By connecting to social media, you’ll be able to promote your blog by sharing your own content with others. Moreover, you need to make your content easy to share via social media by placing the sharing buttons on the top or bottom of the page.

6.    Your posts aren’t attractive

Nowadays, many people don’t have time to click on your link to find out what’s inside it, especially if your posts aren’t attractive. So, in order to persuade people to click on your link and get comments and shares, you need to make your blog attractive by adding eye-catching images or including brief information about the content inside your post.