After 18 years, the tech giant finally decided to follow the footsteps of other gigantic corporations and introduced its more streamlined logo.


Keeping the logo up to date is a necessity. It empowers the company to set a new mark in the industry. Also, it emphasizes on the fact that the company has evolved a lot since its inception.

Nonetheless, Yahoo is now among the many prominent tech companies who have recently given their brand-identities a makeover like Facebook, Microsoft, eBay, etc. The company started a 30 day contest to see who presents the best logo. Two prominent names remained at the top with their highly-artistic designs: 99Design and Survata.

Though the company started the contest for a complete logo makeover, it refused to let go of its legendary exclamation mark. In this regard, the chief marketing officer, Kathy said in Yahoo’s tumblr blog, “We wanted a logo that stayed true to our roots (whimsical, purple, with an exclamation point) yet embraced the evolution of our products”.

In the later post, the company’s CEO, Marissa Mayr said, “We hadn’t updated our logo in 18 years. Our brand, as represented by the logo, has been valued at as much as ~$10 billion dollars. So, while it was time for a change, it’s not something we could do lightly”

Nonetheless, it all comes down to whether the consumers like the change or not, which in case of Yahoo is pretty unfavorable. There are rarely any remarks that favor the newest logo of the company. The general consensus is that the new logo is zipped or thin. Moreover, the new logo follows the old ‘bevel and emboss” trend than the current, flat designs.

Here are some the 30 day sample logos that performed way better than the new version:

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