Most of the bloggers have to face hard time when it comes to compose a post for their blog. They spend hours just sitting in front of the computer and thinking from where to begin writing their post. In this way, most of their time is wasted in composing blog post and they are left with very less time to manage their blog.

If most of your time is spent in writing a blog post, you will not be going to have enough time to promote the post you have written. In this way, the ultimate goal of getting more visitors and views for your blog will not be achieved and all your efforts and time consumed in writing content of your blog post will be wasted.

Writing Speedily

Therefore, it is important to get your writing task done in a timely manner so that you can manage all other tasks as well. Writing a post for your web quickly does not require any magic. All you need to do is to abide by the given super-efficient writing tips in order to get your write-up completed in half an hour.

1. Don’t Just Sit Staring At Blank Screen:

The first and foremost thing that you must avoid is sitting in front of computer and staring at the blank screen of your word processor. I understand that it takes time to start writing post because writing the first few sentences is the most critical thing. However, staring at the blank screen will be simply going to waste your time. Therefore, you must need to start writing whatever comes into your mind regarding the topic. If you are not getting ideas on your own, you need to go through the web and find the posts written on the same topic. Reading the write-ups of others may help you to get some ideas from where to begin writing your post.

2. Create Writing-Friendly Environment:

Most of the time, bloggers are unable to write as there are things around them that keep them distracting and we all know that when it comes to writing, there should not be any kind of distraction. So that one can focus on writing and can textualize his/her ideas. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a quiet and peaceful place for writing, be it any area of your home, a café, or your local library. Besides the environment, there are few other things that can distract your focus from writing and the biggest of them is your smartphone. Therefore, it is also suggested to switch off your phone and if you do not want to miss any important call, use an answering machine.

3. Create Outline Of Your Post:

Creating outline of your post is yet another great way of writing content speedily. The structure is very important in order to have an idea of what you would be writing in that post. The outline consists of few things such as the main heading, first few paragraphs and the sub headings of the article. Once you have mapped all these things in your word document, you will see that your fingers begin typing automatically and your brain will be producing more ideas and thoughts as you will know what information you will have to add in your post.

4. Just Write When It Comes To Writing:

One of the most important things to write a post speedily is to keep on writing. The documents showing words and sentences underlined due to errors in them are surely a big distraction in writing. Therefore, it will be better to turn off the error checker in your word processor so that you can mainly focus on writing. Editing the document is the last step, and it would be better to correct all mistakes in documents when you will reach editing phase.

5. Set A Deadline:

If you will be writing without a deadline, you will not be able to judge and speed up your writing speed. There are desktop applications which you can install in your computer to measure the time you have taken to compose a post. In case, you are not tech-savvy, you can simply set a timer in your mobile phone. You do not need to set timer just for the sake of measuring time you have consumed while writing but you also need to put all your efforts in completing the document before the time runs out.

6. Edit Before Posting:

Last but not the least is editing your document carefully. It is because, according to the aforementioned tips, you would have disabled the error check option in your word processor and there may be various mistakes that need to be corrected before publishing your post on your blog. The first thing that you need to do in order to identify the major mistakes in your document is enabling the error check option. However, do not just rely on the word processor’s error checker because there are some logical writing errors that are hard to find with software. Therefore, after correcting the errors highlighted by the processor, you will need to proofread the document manually.