If you are an enthusiastic individual having an in-depth expertise in your field but don’t have enough time to share your knowledge with others via a 1,000-page text or e-book, the best option for you to opt for is none other than writing for a blog.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are a prolific writer or just an aspirant individual. The crucial thing that matters is your passion for sharing your expertise with people around you. So, where you can find interested people? The answer is right before your eyes. Indeed… it is Transition Blog.

Here, at TBlog, you are always welcome to submit your posts (considerations) on topics like:

•    Online Marketing (Teach me, Sensei, How do I make my blog bleed money?),

•    Inspiration (Oh, Wow! It’s so Awesomastic),

•    SEO (These guys always talk about white/gray/blue hat, are they hatters..?),

•    Tools (Oh! Yes, Now I can tweak my gear)

You can check out our other categories as well and find the one that fits your interest.

So, How Do I Get Published on TBlog?

Although there are many aspirant writers out there, passionately willing to share their experience, understanding or expertise with interested readers, but not most of them are able to get published due to one reason or the other. Mostly, we have to (respectfully) decline the submissions that do not follow our publishing guidelines.

Therefore, if you really want to increase your odds of getting your work published on our blog, adhere to the following guidelines:

•    Word Limit

If you want to submit text-base article or posts, i.e., more text and fewer images, ensure that it runs between 500-1000 words.

•    Content Structure

Make sure that your write-up has three important components: Introduction, body and conclusion. In addition to that it should feature Main-heading, Sub-headings and bullets and numbers (if necessary) – for clarity and readability.

Also, a download link or a “more info” link should be given if the post is written on topics like tools, apps, themes, etc.

•    Tone

The post should feature a positive, approachable and comprehensible tone. You can check out our posts to get the idea.

•    Images

A single image speaks more vibrantly than 1000 words. Therefore, if your write-up is a tutorial, inspirational-post or tips, we would love to post it on our TBlog. However, ensure the following policies:

•    Use non-stock images in the post.
•    Images should be credited in the article or a link back should be presented.
•    It would be great if there is a brief description with each image (not necessary).

•    Genuine Content

Though it is obvious and doesn’t need to be told, but still to be on the safe side… ensure that your content is written from scratch. Again, do not submit a write-up that is lifted from other networks or blog.

Also keep in mind that once your article is submitted to TBlog, it shouldn’t be distributed elsewhere since TBlog will have the complete rights on the article.

•    Content Acceptance

Given that Transition Blog does not pay for your valuable contribution to our community, we will be pleased to publish your write-up with your byline and also allow you to place a link in a brief author-bio. Keep in mind that your author-bio should be brief, i.e., no more than 3 to 4 lines.

So, are your ready to share your work with interested people and influencers? Then, go ahead and submit your request now.

* Keep in mind that the aforementioned guidelines are limited to non-sponsored guest posts. If you’d like to run a promotional link in the body of the post, or a dedicated blog (sponsored review, etc.), feel free to Contact Us now.

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