Those days are long gone when you would make free calls online using Skype or other similar tools. With the recent development in application world, applications like Viber have captured a big proportion of audience who previously used Skype and similar heavy software to make calls online.

Viber is really a good application that has been widely used for making free calls over the internet. However, it usually takes time to get connected to the server and misses some important features which are compelling Viber users to migrate to any other similar application that does not have these drawbacks.

Viber Alternatives

Viber is not the only application that you can install in your smartphone to make calls through internet. There are various applications available in the online marketplace which you can easily download and install in your smartphone to make free calls to same application users easily.

If you are an average smartphone user, you may face trouble in searching a reliable similar application as there are many aspects that one has to look in an application to decide whether it worth using or not. In order to help you out, I have handpicked some best similar applications to Viber that can be used to replace it easily.

1. Line:


Line is quite new yet feature-rich app that has been widely used for calling via internet to other Line users. Along with the simple instant messaging and VoIP calling, it allows users to send and receive audio, video and images and download them on their device without any restriction of file size and disk space. Furthermore, users can create groups of their contacts and hold voice and video conferences with this application.

Line has made accounts of several celebrities, artists and brands available for the users which they can add as their friend and get exclusive discounts and promotional offers. The app is available for both smartphones including Android, iOS and Windows phones and computers including Mac and Windows.

2. WeChat:


WeChat is yet another great cross-platform that has a lot more to offer than that of Viber. The setup can be easily downloaded and used for free to make voice and video calls through internet. Another reason for being a popular cross-platform is that it supports more than 15 languages which make it easier for users from different demographics to get connected with each other.

Furthermore, you can send voice notes, text messages, audio, video and image files. Dissimilar to other VoIP calling software, it does not offer any pop-up ads thus provide you with a simple, user-friendly interface. Besides these features, it also comes with scan QR code option to easily reveal the information behind it. This application is available for every smartphone including BlackBerry, Android, iOS and Windows phone.

3. Nimbuzz:


Nimbuzz is also one of the renowned free cross-platforms that have been commonly used for making free calls through internet. Along with the free calls option to other Nimbuzz users, this application also allows you to make paid calls to landline and mobile numbers as low as $0.02/min with NimbuzzOut. You can also import your existing contacts from Yahoo!, AIM, GoogleTalk, Facebook, Hotmail, and MySpace and other SIP VoIP accounts. However, in order to import them, you will need their permission first.

Nimbuzz can be easily downloaded and installed on every mobile phone be it Android, iPhone, Windows and even Java powered and Symbian mobile phones. Furthermore, you can install it on Google Chrome and Kindle Fire as well.

4. Tango:


Another amazing application that can be used as an alternate to Viber is Tango. Tango is one of the very efficient apps which are being used for making voice and video calls. Tango is more than a VoIP calling software as it allows users to get connected with other users by making them friends similar to a social network.

Along with the video and voice calling option, it further allows users to send and receive messages and media-rich files, create a central gallery and even play games during calls. One more benefit of this app is that it allows users to chat and call in groups which can be of 50 members, at max. One can easily download it on Android, iOS and Windows phones as it does not require any ID or password to use it.

5. Vonage:


Last but not the least on our list of alternatives to Viber is Vonage. Vonage is a feature-rich app that provides users with the voice and video calling features for free. Moreover, users are given 3000 minutes/month which they can utilize in making local calls across U.S. and Canada.

Similar to other alternatives mentioned above, you can send text messages, initiate 1to1 or chat groups, send and receive files from other Vonage users. It can be easily downloaded and installed on devices working on Android or iOS.