We all have encountered such situations when we have sent email to a user and soon after hitting the send button, we have realized that we should not have sent that email or sometimes, we accidentally have sent the email to wrong person. No matter whatever your reason is for taking back the sent email, you can now easily do it.

You may be wondering how is it possible that an email sent from your account can be reverted. There is no doubt that it is impossible to undo a sent email but if you have sent it through Gmail, then there are chances of taking back your action.

How To Undo Sent Email Gmail

There are many things that have made Gmail gain so much popularity in such short span of time such as getting access to many astounding services of Google including Google Drive, Google+, Google Wallet, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Play and many more. However, there’s another feature which will compel you to make a primary Gmail account for all your official dealing and communication i.e. undo a sent email.

Gmail has been using this feature in its testing labs for a long time and after successfully testing this feature, the giant email provider has made it available for all its users. This feature allows you to recall your action even without letting recipient know about the action.

So, if you have accidentally sent an email to a wrong recipient, you can take your action back by making the most of Undo Sent Email feature provided by Gmail. Following are the steps that you will need to implement in your Gmail account to activate this feature.

Step # 1: The first and foremost thing that you will need to do activate this feature is to log-in to the particular Gmail account in which you want to activate this feature.

Step # 2: Once you have successfully logged-in to your desired Gmail account, now you will have to find the Gear icon which will be located beneath your Gmail profile picture, next to the navigation buttons, for jumping onto the next or previous email without going back.

Gmail Settings Option

Step # 3: From the drop-down menu that will be opened when clicked on the Gear icon, select ‘Settings’.

Step # 4: Clicking the ‘Settings’ option will take you to a Settings screen having multiple customization options.

Settings Screen Gmail

Step # 5: Under General settings option, you will be given with an option ‘Undo Send’ which, by default, will be disabled. To enable this feature, you will need to place check on the box before the option that says ‘Enable Undo Send’.

Enabling Undo Feature

Step # 6: After placing the check, you will need to select the time that you will need to decide whether you want to undo or not. The time options given are 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds and you can choose only one of them. The time that you will choose will be the maximum time that you will have to take your action back, once the email is sent.

Time Setting Undo

Once you have successfully implemented all the above steps, this feature will be activated in your specified Gmail account. Whenever you will send an email in future, after enabling this feature, the same notification, “Your message has been sent View” will appear with an additional option “Your message has been sent View or Undo”.

Undo Notification


All in all, the Undo feature introduced in Gmail has made it possible to take your actions back when an inappropriate email is accidentally sent to a wrong recipient. With Undo feature, you can recall your actions. However, this should be done within the time that you have specified while enabling Undo feature in Gmail. Once, that time period is expired, this feature will not be effective anymore.