YouTube, the largest video sharing portal in online world, is a valuable resource for the ones who want to get help from professionals without paying with the help of video tutorials uploaded on it. However, unfortunately, it is banned in various regions and countries due to some issues.

How Unblock & Download YouTube Video

But you do not need to worry at all because there are still some little known ways which you can use to unblock it and download your favorite videos, wherever you want. So, if you are living in a region where it is banned and want to download video by unblocking it, then you must read and abide by the given tips and tricks.

How To Unblock YouTube:

In order to download video from YouTube in a region where it is banned, you first have to unblock it. When it comes to unblocking, there are two methods which are majorly used to unblock it in restricted region:

1. Virtual Proxy Network (VPN) Software:

The first and most efficient way to unblock YouTube in a region where its access is denied is to use VPN software. There are hundreds of VPN software available over the internet. Most of them are paid and some of them are free.

With premium VPN software, you will be provided with a wide range of Internet Protocols (IPs) of different countries, states and cities and you can decide with which IP you want to access it. The main advantage of using VPN software is that it keeps your identity restricted and it does not offer any ads while surfing.

2. Online Proxy Websites:

Another great way to unblock YouTube in restricted region without paying a cent out of your pocket is to use online proxy websites. Similar to VPN software, there are tons of proxy websites available online which you can access for free. Most of the online proxy websites offers ads to its free users while streaming or browsing and in order to get ad-free surfing experience, you will have to sign-up for the premium account.

How To Download Video From YouTube:

If you have unblocked the YouTube, you are just a step away from downloading your favorite video. Following is the unconventional way which you will have to follow to download video in a region where accessing YouTube is unauthorized.

1. Online Video Downloader:

If you are trying to download video from YouTube through a conventional video downloader, it is the time to stop trying and find another way. The traditional video downloading software is unable to detect the video when accessed from a VPN or online proxy. And, therefore, you would not be able to download it.

The other way to download video from YouTube is to use online downloading websites. Online video downloading websites are similar to online proxies from where you can download the YouTube video by simply pasting the URL of your desired video.

Bottom Line:

As mentioned above, there are plenty of websites available for unblocking and downloading video from YouTube and before using any of them, make sure to check their Terms Of Use, to be at safe side.