Most of the people start blogging because they want to earn money from it and majority of them fail to do so. Why? There are many reasons behind falling short of achieving their desired goal which is to earn $100, $1000 or $10000 per month.

blogging failures

In case, you are reading this post, it means that you are running a blog and unable to make money out of it. Following are some most common reasons that have been seen why people are unable to monetize their blogs and avoidance to the following factors will help you achieve your desired goal i.e. to earn money via blogging.

1. Focusing On Wrong Thing:

The first and most important factor why you are unable to earn money through your blog is that you are too much focused on your ultimate goal i.e. earning money which is not a good call at all. If you have only one though in your mind while blogging i.e. to earn money, you probably will not be able to focus on other things that are important to monetizing your website.

Therefore, it is better to focus on other important factors such as writing information rich quality content posts, creating presence on social media, readers engagement, increasing number of subscribers and followers, etc. these are some of the most common things that you will need to make money out of your blog. If you are not focusing on these basic factors of blogging, your blog will be going to die out soon and so your wish of earning money.

2. Desperate About Making Money:

Another important thing that has been observed is that most of the bloggers are too much desperate when it comes to making money. There is no magic that can make you rich overnight especially when it comes to blogging, it needs time to make money. You must have a look at probloggers who are earning thousands of dollars now and you will see that they have spent several years to reach this point of success. Therefore, be patient, put all your efforts and you will achieve your desired goal one day.

3. Not So Disciplined:

One of the most important reasons you are unable to cash your blogging is that you are not so disciplined. If you want to become a problogger and earn like them, you need to be disciplined. Plan your strategies and execute them as planned. Failing to do so will result in failure to reach your goal. Also, you need to get focused because it is the key to the success of blogging.

4. Promoting At Wrong Places:

In case, you are promoting your blog but still not earning money out of it, you may be promoting it at wrong places. Before you start to promote your blog on any forum, website or social media platform, you must analyze whether that particular place is populated with the audience your blog is targeted to. If not, then promoting on such places would be similar to not promoting and the efforts you will be making on wrong platforms would be a waste of time and energy. Therefore, make sure to promote your blog on the appropriate places.

5. Underestimating Yourself:

Last but not the least is that you do not believe in yourself. In order to become a successful blogger, you need to believe in yourself because you cannot become a problogger unless you do not feel that you have all the abilities to become one –no matter how hard you work.