email marketing

Email marketing is a highly-effective way for reaching out to more clients than ever. It is a method through which you can promote your products and services – ultimately paving the way for more beneficial business opportunities. By using attention-grabbing emails about your products, you can easily widen your email list and enjoy more potential leads or clients.

However, many marketers have this misconception that email-marketing is ideal for only large or established businesses since they can afford huge investments, unlike small business owners or bloggers. WordPress has brought with it many advantages that can be availed to enjoy as much sales or promotions as other established business. This can be achieved through the plugins feature of this popular CMS. In simple words, by using email marketing plugins for your WordPress site, you too can enjoy more potential leads and effective promotion without even spending a penny.

There are dozens of free and paid – but affordable –plugins available that can let you manage your email marketing campaigns without any worries at all. We understand that sorting the unimaginable number of results can be quite hectic for finding the right plugin. Be not worried because we have made this process easier for our precious readers by compiling a list of some popular tools that can help you handle different aspects of your campaign efficiently.

Free Email Marketing Plugins



MailPress is one of the best plugins that can boost up your email marketing quite productively. This ultimate plugin is heavily loaded with features that can really ease down your emailing workload. Ever since its inception, it is deemed as the most dynamic WordPress plugin by many savvy marketers. Breathe life into your emails with many elegant themes or templates. Another benefit of this plugin is that it offers double opt in subscription. The only downside of this plugin is that setting up and configuring MailPress can be a little hectic and time-consuming due to its huge piles of features.

AWeber Web Form Plugin


Every savvy marketer is aware of the benefits that AWeber has to offer. With this availability of this tool as a free plugin for WordPress, one can capitalize on his marketing campaign even more productively. It offers a great way to gather a huge list of blog subscribers through simple yet beautiful forms. However, to integrate AWeber’s web form into your blog, you first need to create an account via AWeber’s website.

ALO EasyMail Newsletter


ALO easymail is yet another powerful plugin that allows the bloggers to gather subscribers through impressive newsletters. The plugin comes with a huge list of features that make your subscription management task way easier and effective. Its many features include html or text-based newsletters, import or export subscribers, subscribers’ management, beautiful newsletter themes, etc. The best part is that ALO easymail is available in 20 different languages.

WP Autoresponder


The fourth most popular plugin available in the free category is WP Autoresponder. The important factor that makes this plugin different from others is that you can create custom forms. This way you can acquire more information about your subscribers, other than getting their names or email ids. In addition to that you can send your newsletters to multiple subscribers simultaneously. This can really save up a lot of time and efforts. With the broadcasting feature, you can schedule your broadcasts for automated email marketing.

Paid Email Marketing Plugins

Subscribe Popup


As the name suggests, subscribe popup triggers every time a visitor visits your website. The plugin pop ups a subscription box that asks for the basic information of the client such as name and id. Once the information is fed, it can be stored in your database. You can then export the stored data to other systems without any hassle. Its features include customizable window, responsive design, etc. The regular license is available at $8.

Newsletter Tycoon


If you want to make the subscription process easy and manage your newsletter scheduling system without wasting your precious time, then Newsletter Tycoon is the plugin you should consider. Just like MailPress, this plugin also offers a double opt-in subscription feature. The plugin also gives you the admin rights to activate or deactivate any subscriber you want. You can avail this plugin by spending only $14.

Mail Chimp Signup Form


With the starting price of $6 and 4.29 user rating, Mail Chimp offers you dozens of different methods to integrate simple subscription form into your WordPress site. Unlike most other types of plugins, Mail Chimp is quite easy to install, i.e., it can be set up within a minute or two. If you want to make your newsletter subscription attractive, then you should consider using Mail Chimp as your primary email marketing plugin.