Until recently, people had to use different types of third party analytics tools to gain an in-depth insight into their social media metrics and the performance of their social pages like HootSuite. Fortunately, they don’t have use any third party tools now because twitter has recently rolled-out its exclusive analytics tool that can be accessed from the ads dashboard.

The analytics platform of Twitter allows users to easily check the performance of their tweets and view a thorough analysis of their followers and followings via a clear, accurate and flexible data-graph. Initially the analytics tool allowed the users free access to its rich dashboard. Users were able to evaluate the number of theirs tweets, re-tweets, CTR, etc. However, currently many users have observed that access to these matrices is no longer freely available to them. Now, for a complete access to the analytics features, users have to sign up for the Twitter ads account.


Nonetheless, we finally have access to a rich tool where we can assess the social engagement of their pages more proficiently than ever, without using any third-party application. Moreover, just like other analytics, you can also download the whole data in a CSV format for later review. By introducing such powerful updates and tools, Twitter is indicating that it has finally learned how it can monetize its services and take the platform to the next-level.

To get started today with the new Twitter analytics application, simply sign in to the Twitter Ads page. Once you get inside your personal account, you can access the analytics tool by clicking on the “Analytics” option, given at the top of the page.

From the timeline activity page, you will be able to get a complete data of your tweets and you can filter the results by clicking the Best, Good and All tabs. The page also gives you a complete review of the followers, followings, unfollowings, replies, favorites and much, much more.