Tumblr is one of the most heavily populated social networking as well as free blog hosting site. On an average, it has more than 100 million blogs and 50 billion posts which lead it to the 32nd position in the list of top, most famous websites.

Due to its dual functionality i.e. free blog hosting and social networking; it is considered as an effective tool that one should adopt to market his business online without spending hordes of dollars on advertising campaigns.


However, not all of the users who have free blog on Tumblr can make the most of it. Why? It is because there are some tips and tricks that he should follow to grow his business. I am sharing an ultimate guide that can help you expand your business through Tumblr.

1.    Forget Marketing, Focus Socializing:

The very first thing that can help you market your business is to forget about marketing. Confused? You should be. Let me explain you why I have said it. Focusing on marketing will restrict your thinking as a marketer only. As a result of it, you do not worth to socialize yourself and would be implementing your marketing strategies only. The only way that you can market your business here (on Tumblr) is via social networking.

I am not saying at all that forget marketing completely. What I am saying is to decide your goals of marketing and start socializing yourself accordingly. For example, your business is related to real estate. Now what you have to do is to post informative content on real estate and housing and engage people related to your industry by following them.

2.    Follow Others To Be Followed:

The first thing that you will have to do in order to socialize yourself is to follow other people, like and share their blogs and write comments on them to be followed. Because, whenever you follow, like, share or comment on someone’s Tumblr, he will get a notification that you have done the particular activity on his post or blog.

This notification maximizes the chances that he will click on your name to see who you are and what you are offering on Tumblr –here offering does not mean offering any service or product but the information that you are sharing on your blog. So, if he finds it useful, he will surely follow you back.

3.    Share Informative Yet Unique Content:

The content you will be sharing on Tumblr should not be informative only but unique too. It is seen that many people write and share a post that has already been posted on other Tumblrs. Consequently, they do not get the desired response out of it. In order to maximize the response, you must share such information that has not been shared or shared by very few persons only.

4.    Avoid Posting Lengthy Posts Rapidly:

Another important thing that you must know is not to share lengthy posts frequently. It is because Tumblr is a place where people love to read short and funny posts and avoid reading long and descriptive posts. Therefore, you must do the same thing and should not publish longer posts promptly.

5.    Use Relevant Tags And Hashtags:

Last thing that you must keep in your mind to market your business with Tumblr is to include the relevant tags and hashtags in your post. The tags and hashtags will help you pin your post and profile at top in the search results on the related keywords or phrases that you have added in your post. Therefore, you must make sure that you have used the most appropriate and relevant tags and hashtags within your post and profile to maximize your visibility on Tumblr.