Google Alerts is an automated service provided by Google which notifies and updates you about a topic or the keywords that you have entered in it. You can set frequency of receiving alert emails using one of these three options “once a week”, “once a day” or “as it happens”.

One more thing is that the alert email will be received on the same account that you have used to set-up alert. It helps you save a lot of time which is normally wasted in searching for the latest news or updates about a particular topic that you are interested in.


Google Alert has become the most famous and effective tool that most of the people are using nowadays, especially SEOs. However, it is not the only tool out there for receiving timely alerts. There are lots of other great tools that one can use as an alternative to Google alerts.

1.    Yahoo! Alerts:


Yahoo! Alerts is the most effective and competitive alternative that one can maximize to get the news about the latest happenings. Its working is quite similar to that of Google Alerts. However, there are minor differences in setting-up the alert –Yahoo! Alerts is easier to set-up.

There are different categories on its main page which makes it easier to create the alert of your interest. One main difference between the alert service of Google and Yahoo! is that Yahoo! only sends an e-mail to your account and does not push RSS feeds similar to Google.

2.    Talkwalker Alerts:


Another web content monitoring and news alert service that you can avail to get rid of Google Alerts is Talkwalker Alerts. It is one of the simplest alert services with no restriction or preference of using any particular email account unlike to Yahoo! and Google. Also, it gives you liberty to decide how you want to receive alert i.e. through email or RSS feeds.  The frequency of getting alert is the same as Google Alerts.

3.    Mention:


You can also use Mention as an alternate to Google Alert service. It helps you monitor and keep an eye on the keywords or the topic, you have entered, in real-time. It has several features that are hard to found in any other alert service such as connecting all your social accounts with it and check the latest updates on it.

Also, it allows you to work as a team and share whatever you find interesting and helpful with your co-workers on their stream. It also has an analytics tool which assists in extracting the actual report and performance of the keywords that you have entered for alert.

4.    Trackur:


If you want to create alert to monitor the latest news and up-coming events on media and social media then you must give Trackur a try. Along with the simpler dashboard, it allows you to add, delete and manage your RSS feeds. Also, you can get notification through emails.

One thing that it makes different from Google alerts and similar to ‘Mention’ is that you can monitor your social media activity with it. However, you will have to pay some amount –once you’re satisfied with its free-trial version.