Either if you are running an online business, a blog or website or a forum, then you must be familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is process of optimizing your web on your desired keywords, so that, when someone enters a query, in search engine, related to your keywords, your web will be displayed at the first position.

Top 10 SEO Companies

In early ages of web, SEO was a simple strategy comprising of creating back-links, social bookmarking and comment posting. However, due to the recent and frequent updates by Google, most widely used search engine, it is not a piece of cake for all. There are various restrictions that you must look after while optimizing your website and bypassing any of them can penalize your web.

So, if you really do not know how to do SEO, then it would be better for you to hire professionals to work for you. When it comes to outsource your project for SEO, there are thousands of firms claiming to be the best, leading and similar to these words.

However, very few of them are actually proved to be the best in this field. Therefore, if you are looking to hire someone to optimizing your web for more traffic and customers, then you must consider the following list of top 10 SEO firms.

Note: The given list of Top 10 SEO firms is based on some of the elements including but not limited to pricing level, clients, year founded and employees working in it. These elements are usually used to determine the authority of the firm.

Rank Name Site Founded Location Employees Pricing Level  Clients Avg Score
1 HigherVisibility 888-598-4449  Visit 2007 Memphis, TN 25+ Medium Aaron’s, Allure Bridal, Toyota Dealers 97
2 Distilled 206-965-9265  Visit 2005 Seattle, WA N/A High Microsoft, The Telegraph, Staples 95
3 Acronym 877-736-2276  Visit 2006 New York, NY N/A High Humana, Priceline.com, Los Angeles Times 90
4 Icrossing 212-649-3900  Visit 1999 New York, NY N/A High Coca-Cola, LG Electronics, Porsche 86
5 360i 212-703-7201  Visit 1998 New York, NY 100+ High Alamo, Levenger, Office Depot 85
6 Straight North 866-206-9055  Visit 2003 Oak Brook, IL N/A Medium Drifire, Amdocs, Bluepay 84
7 Razorfish 121-798-6600  Visit 1997 Seattle,WA 100+ High General Electric, Best Buy, Kellogg’s 84
8 Bruce Clay 805-517-1900  Visit 1996 Moorpark, CA 25+ High Ceasars, Target stores, Victoria’s Secret 83
9 Brick Marketing 877-295-0620  Visit 2005 Boston, MA N/A Medium Somerset, Century 21, United Way 82
10 Vertical Measures 602-314-3460  Visit 2006 Phoenix, AZ N/A Medium Allegro Medical, Cisco, All Star Flags 82