Orkut was one of the biggest and most widely used social media network. There is no doubt that it was very famous and most widely used social media platform among Asian countries like India and Central American States like Brazil. However, it was not able to grab attention of the targeted audience i.e. the online users of North America due to lack of numerous features the targeted audience was looking for in a social network.

This is the main reason why Google has shut down their first ever social media network; they have successfully run for almost a decade, during last November. The people who were very active on this platform are left with no other option then looking for an alternate to Orkut to regroup with their social friends and community members online.

logo-orkutIf you are one of the active Orkut users who are willing to regroup your social friends and communities the way they were on Orkut, then here’s good news for you. I have handpicked some of the very popular, feature-rich social media platforms on which you can build your social community again.

  1. Google Plus

The strongest contender on the list of alternatives to Orkut is Google Plus. According to some tech-geeks, the main reason of Google for shutting down Orkut is to bring its audience to Google Plus. Google Plus empowers its user to distinguish between friends by putting them in different circles. This way, you do not have to specify with whom you want to share and with whom you don’t individually. All you need to do is to mention circles with whom you want to share particular stuff and only the members of those particular circles will be able to view your post. There are very few social networks that allow you to build communities and Google Plus is one of them. Not only you can become a member of a particular community of your interest but you can build one on your own in which you can add your social buddies.

Google Plus

Different from other social networks, it comes with an interesting feature ‘Spark’ which gathers articles and videos of your interest, determining your behavior and things you interact with. So, there will always be some interesting things to read and watch whenever you don’t have any exciting thing to do. Hangouts is yet another amazing feature of this amazing social network that allows user to make online meet-ups. All you need to do is to let your social buddies know that you have planned a web meet-up and they will likely to drop by face-to-face chat.

  1. Facebook

Facebook, the most widely used social network, is yet another amazing alternative to Orkut. Facebook is known for introducing different interactive features for its users to avoid getting fed-up with same old features all lifelong. For Orkut users, Facebook can be a reliable alternate as it has almost every feature that they may be looking for in an alternate. Although there is no feature with the name “Community” in Facebook, but it gives you similar feature with the name “Group”. Similar to Community, you can build a group, add your social buddies in it and share things with them which can only be viewed by that particular Group members. However, to make the view restricted only to Group members, you will need to build a Closed group. If you have kept your group Open, then anybody can view the content you are sharing in it.

facebook logo

Similar to Groups, you can also create a Page where you can invite your social buddies and other Facebook users to follow you and the ones who will like the concept of your page will start following you. Different from the Group, only an Admin or authorized person can post something on a Page which will be displayed on your Page’s streamline. If any other user, who is not authorized a role on Page, posts anything on it, it will not be added on main streamline and can be viewed by other users in a section named as “Visitors Posts”. Furthermore, you can have textual chatting, voice and video calling, send and receive documents from other Facebook users.

  1. Follr

Last but not the least on our list of reliable alternatives to Orkut is Follr. Follr is a new member in the social world which has made its presence felt in online world in just couple of years due to its great features. Due to its interactive features, it has managed to gather some of the renowned names as its users such as MLS Soccer, Warner Brothers Studios and HBO.


The best part, the most wanted one by former Orkut users, is its Communities which provide a focused environment for the members demanding a strong connection. Some of its special features include special privacy tools, user-friendly discussions and entirely customizable profiles of members. All in all, this platform is quite good for the users who want to create an online community around their special interest or membership.