Job boards are the websites where you can post and apply for the posted jobs –by filling a form. Another option to apply for the advertised job is to submit your resume. Designing and programming these sites, manually through codes is surely a difficult task. However, you can easily set it up, on your WordPress (WP) blog by installing a job board theme or plugin.

Most of the web developers prefer to install plugin instead of theme. Why? It is because if you will install the job board designed theme, then you will be restricted to work under its designed interface. On the other hand, a plugin allows you to do customization as per your preferences.

Selection of the most suitable and appropriate plugin is another hectic and time consuming task to do. So, if you want to save your time, which can be wasted in searching and selecting the best widget, then you must read the following list of few best job board plugins for WP websites.


1.    WP Job Manager:

WP Job Manager is one of the lightest yet effective plugin that can integrate job board on your WP website. Since, it is a shortcode based plugin. Therefore, it can be easily integrated with most of the WP themes. It allows you to add, edit, delete and manage the categories of job listings. It authorizes both, guests and registered users, to submit and preview the listing that they are going to submit. Other details of the plugins are given below.

Plugin Available Version: 1.1.1

WP Version Required: 3.5 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.6

Rating: 5 Out Of 5

2.    Job Manager:

One of the simplest yet powerful plugin that you can install in your existing website to make it a job board one is Job Manager. It makes you capable to edit job listings and manage job applications. One can post the job under multiple categories that maximizes the chances of getting more views (responses). You can also customize the fields which enable you to write more properly about your job specifications. Following is its basic yet important information that you must know before installing it.

Plugin Available Version: 0.7.20

WP Version Required: 2.9 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.3.2

Rating: 4.5 Out Of 5

3.    Zartis Job Plugin:

Another great plugin that can help you transform your website into a job board one is Zartis Job Plugin. You can easily yet securely edit and manage job listing, applications and applicants. Available in 13 different languages, it allows you to post your job to Twitter and Facebook. You can post job as registered or guest user. However, you can post a job with your LinkedIn account as well. You must know the following information before you decide to install it.

Plugin Available Version: 1.3

WP Version Required: 2.9 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.3.2

Rating: 4.2 Out Of 5