Being the biggest and most famous online marketplace for buying and selling websites, Flippa is considered as the best marketplace for domain bidding. People most likely sell their old, optimized websites and buy the newly built websites to work on them and sell them at a higher price.

Since it is the biggest platform for website’s purchasing and selling, there is a lot of competition. As a result of it, you may not be able to sell your website at a higher price and purchase new one at low price. So, if you are looking to sell your website at a higher price, then it may find a bit of difficulty fetching the right buyer.


There are some other marketplaces that you can choose to sell your websites at higher price and buy the new websites at low rates. We call these websites Filppa alternatives. Let’s take a look at some of the best alternatives.

1.    Deal A Site:

‘Deal A Site’ is one of the most preferred online marketplace where people are listing their websites for selling instead of Flippa. The main reason behind listing website on it and not on Flippa is higher biddings. It has a wide range of website-listing categories. Therefore, you should not worry about getting your website listed in the appropriate category to get maximum exposure and bids too.

2.    Sedo:

Sedo is another strong contender in the list of alternative to Flippa for buying and selling domain. Along with buying and selling of domains, it also has a very rare yet unique feature i.e. domain parking. For those who do not know, domain parking is the service which allows you to buy or register a domain name and reserve it for future. Also, this powerful feature protects your domain from cybersquatting.

3.    Website Broker:

Website Broker is one of the powerful yet densely populated marketplaces for buying and selling websites which can be a reliable alternate to Flippa. Along with the traditional selling and purchasing of websites, you can now trade websites too which is a perk for users who are interested in selling their website and purchasing another one at reasonable price. So, if you are also interested in trading websites to make profit, then you must give this powerful platform a try.

4.    Digital Point Forum:

Digital Point Forum is a good alternate that one can opt to step in this industry of selling and buying websites instead of Flippa. The main reason behind it is that it allows you to register and list your website for free which means that you are not risking a cent out of your pocket for experiencing the new way to make money. Unlike Flippa, users here can easily communicate with each other and give opinions and feedback about a particular listing.

5.    BuySellWebsite:

Last but not the least alternate to Flippa, as a marketplace, for buying and selling website is BuySellWebsite. It has many similar features to Website Broker. However, its interface is quite simple and user friendly unlike any of the above mentioned alternates which make it quite distinct from other marketplaces. Along with the websites, it also allows you to flip your domains.