Search engine optimization does not specialize in tasks that will make pigs soar high up in the sky. Its real task is to dig deeper into the genetics of a website and reengineer the essential elements until it transforms into an eagleBruce Clay

All SEO strategies revolve around one core component, i.e., back links. In other words, it is the holy-grail for acquiring the “top spot” on a search engine result page, be it Google, Yahoo or Bing. Remember that to outrank your competitors, it is imperative to have an excellent link profile of your website.


However, maintaining a seamless link profile can be difficult sometimes, especially when it comes to dealing with Google algorithms like Penguin. To preserve your top rankings on SERP, you need to analyze your overall link profile and identify new paths to bring more link juice to your site. This goal is achievable through effective back link analysis tools or resources.

There is a plethora of link analyzers available out there. Some tools come in paid versions while others are available free of cost. Nonetheless, all of these tools are developed to present you an insightful data on your site’s link profile.

Following is a list of some popular link analysis tools that you’ll find quite helpful in building a robust link profile. Let’s take a look at them:

Paid Link Analysis Tools



Ahrefs is a new back link analyzer that has taken over the hot-seat ever since the day it was introduced. The site explorer of this tool works in a similar fashion as the other two popular tools: Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer. This tool utilizes its own bots to keep its back link index up to date. In addition to that the data is refreshed in every 15 minutes to offer the user most-recent statistics.

Ahrefs offers some unique features that you can’t find in any other tools. The most prominent feature of this unique tool is “Lost Link”. As the name implies, this feature gives you an update about the back links that your site has lost. This distinguished feature is very helpful for maintaining a strong link profile by identifying the problems in your back link inventory.


•    Displays referring IPs and subnets
•    Displays unique domains and back link types
•    Keyword suggestions
•    Domain, page rank and link analysis
•    SERP analysis
•    Shows lost links
•    Easy reporting
•    Daily stats
•    Domain Comparison, etc.


•    Enterprise – $499/month Or $4,990/year
•    Elite – $179/month Or $1,790/year
•    Professional – $79/month Or $790/year

Open Site Explorer


Developed by SEOmoz and powered by Mozescape, OSE is designed to give the user a complete link analysis of a website. This awesome tool harnesses the power of its gigantic index to make your site’s link data transparent. It presents not only back links, anchor texts or linking domains, but also shows the moz authority and trust of your domain and its web pages.

Offering an invaluable insight about the links pointing to your website isn’t the only feature that makes this tool a must-have one, but the main feature that distinguishes it from other tools is its competitor link analysis. In simple words, with this tool you can easily compare your own link data against your competitor’s website, with a limit of 5.


•    Simple User Interface
•    Displays domain and page authorities
•    Compare link metrics
•    Displays root domains
•    Shows social media statistics
•    Just-discovered tool (Beta)
•    Advance reporting


•    Free – 30 Days trial
•    Starting price $99/month

Majestic SEO


Majestic SEO is one of the most commonly used tools on the market. Its diverse features entice professional SEOs from around the globe to harness the power of this awesome tool to evaluate their link building data. It is recommended that you use a free version of this tool if you want to analyze your own website, although this version only shows an in-depth analysis of only top 5 links. The paid version is recommended for those who have to deal with lots of clients.

Majestic SEO tool allows you to examine a wealth of information on the back links pointing to your site. It is one of the few tools, or probably the only tool, that presents a trust/citation flow metric. This feature informs you whether the link coming to your site is trusted and whether it delivers the right anchor text to that link.


•    Daily fresh index
•    Back link history
•    Link profile flight
•    Clique hunter
•    Current crawling history
•    Ref TLDs
•    Ref domains
•    Detailed site explorer
•    API
•    Comprehensive monthly reporting


•    Free – Limited features
•    Silver – £29.99/month
•    Gold – £99.99/month
•    Platinum – £250.00/month

Free Link Analysis Tools

Link Detective


It is another great tool for effective link analysis of your site. This tremendous tool breaks down the statistics of the link to a more thorough and scannable form. The best feature of link detective is that it presents the result in a very neat, i.e., categorized manner. In simple words, it categorizes different types of links in comments, article directories, web directories, etc.

Another best thing about link detective is that it is completely free and fully accessible. Apart from that you can scrutinize the back links of your competitors as well in order to understand their back link strategy and come up with a counter-strategy.


•    Link and Page rank analysis
•    Competitor link analysis
•    Complete free, no restrictions on any features
•    Competitor link metrics
•    Competitor ranking
•    Comprehensive reporting
•    Live vs. Dead links

Link Diagnosis Tool


It is yet another free and easy-to-use tool that can analyze your website in a blazing fast manner. Developed by the owner of Yahoo, this amazing tool presents up to 1K links per page. In addition to that it presents different metrics available on the link such as Pagerank, page links, nofollow/dofollow status, anchor text, etc. Although this tool doesn’t provide a comprehensive link data of your site, nonetheless it can present a rich cross section of your data.


•    Updated link index
•    Report saving
•    PR checker
•    Pagerank checker
•    Anchor text analysis
•    Back link history
•    Link strength
•    Outbound Links (OBL)
•    Exportable reports

Back Link Watch


Last but not least, back link watch is also an excellent tool for scrutinizing your link profile. This free to use tool is powered by Ahrefs and shows the top 1000 back links of the desired URL. Like other tools, it also presents some common statistics like anchor text, referring domains, page rank and nofollow links.

The best thing about back link watch is that it presents total number of OBL (outbound links) on the source links. However, the downside of back link watch is that it takes too much time to analyze the data.


•    Displays anchor text of the links
•    Outbound links
•    Displays top 1000 results
•    Detailed reporting
•    Flag nofollow or image links
•    Page rank
•    Referring domains

There you go with a list of some popular tools used by elite search engine optimizers. Anyone with a little to no knowledge of link analysis can give it a try and discover what strategies can be implemented to make a better and sound link profile.