For those who do not know, A/B testing tools are set of tools which are important to determine which pages of your website are generating more business and which ones do not. It will help you focus on pages which are generating more sales and eradicate the presumptions from your business development process.

top AB testing tools

When it comes to use online tools, especially the testing ones, people think that they cannot deal with them as they will require technical knowledge to operate them. However, the given tools are very easy-to-use which provides you with dynamic options including A/B, split URL testing, and multivariate.

1. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the most renowned and widely used tool which can be used for A/B testing of your website. This tool gathers comprehensive data of your website including top keywords, no. of visitors, top pages, bounce rate, average visit time and many more statistical data. Content Experiment is one of its great features which can be used to test different versions of a single page, max five pages, delivered to visitors from distinct URLs.

Compare the performance of different versions using a random sample of your traffic. Select your objective that you want to achieve and you will be notified via email about how your experiment is going. This comprehensive analysis tool is available for free.

2. Visual Website Optimizer:

Visual Website Optimizer is one of the great tools for carrying out A/B test of your website. During last two years, it has got significant popularity among the audience due to its extensive analysis features which includes A/B. multivariate, targeting, usability, split URL, heatmap and clicks and conversion tracking.

One more thing that makes it unique from other A/B testing suites is its idea-generation tools. This tool helps business owners who do not know from where to start creating and running A/B test of their online business.

This tool is highly recommended for beginners to intermediate level individuals who are not well aware of how to carry out different tests of their website. This great suite of testing tools is available at a price point of $49.

3. Unbounce:

Unbounce is yet another great tool for conducting A/B test of different pages of your website to determine the pages that are actually generating more business than others. Along with it, this tool helps you create and publish such landing pages that are expected to have high conversion rate.

All you need to do is to add some ideas into this tool and click ‘publish’ to create a new testing campaign and start collecting data. It has the simplest and easy-to-use drag & drop interface. Once you have created your campaign, you can have a look at real-time stats, variant conversion data and conversion via dashboard. The price plan starts at $49 per month.

4. Convert:

Convert is undoubtedly an effective and feature-rich testing suite which offers A/B, split-URL, and multivariate testing. You can create A/B testing campaign by dragging and dropping the elements that you want to include in it.

Along with the above mentioned features, it also supports Google Analytics integration, WYSIWYG editor, bounce rate and engagement, revenue and conversion tracking, behavior and segmented targeting and much more. You can unlock all these features for just $9 per month.