Most people prefer to look for regular employments due to handsome salary and permanent job security. Though regular employment has its many perks, but there’s a flip side of every coin. You have to thumb-in on-time, even in rush hours. Moreover, you have to abide by the hectic code of conduct set by your employer. Worst of all, you have to deal with a demanding boss every day.

Some people just can’t handle such pressure. Instead, they want to be their own employer and work at their own convenience. Such class of people commonly opt for a convenient yet lucrative path, freelancing. This is an ever-growing platform for both aspirant and experienced individuals who prefer self-paced working environment.


Some people take freelancing job lightly and believe that freelancers don’t earn much. On the contrary, some freelancers are getting six figures yearly income that seems only a dream to even some regular, experienced employees.

Regardless, if you searching alternative streams of income or just want to become a full-time freelancer, then you must be well-versed in using the current technology. In addition to that you should load your arsenal with potential resources (websites) where you can find prospective clients.

7 Popular Freelance Job Sites

Behold some top freelance jobs providing websites where you can generate endless streams of revenue.




Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancing sites you could ever come across. Containing a wide variety of categories from video clips to sales copy to php codes, on Fiverr you can find any job you are good at. This is the best platform for newbie freelancers so that they can get started their freelance journey. Best of all, the posting process is quite easy. Just submit your gig offering the services you are proficient at providing and get a client.




This is an ideal platform for developers where they can find literally thousands of well-paying jobs. However, the main feature of this site that gives this platform a competitive edge over other potential platforms is escrow. It is a payment portal that holds the money, paid by the client, until the project is completed by the contractor.




One of the largest freelance portal in the world, Odesk offers an easiest online money making route to freelancers of all levels. Here, freelancers can find a wide range of jobs, i.e., from $5 to a striking $5,000 job. However, you have to pass as many tests as possible in your area of interest. This demonstrates how proficient and knowledgeable you are in your field.




ust like Odesk, Elance is another popular and biggest online portal for freelancers where they can meet clients of all sorts and with various needs. It is the ideal place where you can find a lucrative job and get paid well.




It sounds pretty the same as any other freelance job site? So what’s make this freelance podium different than others? Well, the best feat of this website is that you can find highly talented people who can complete any task within an hour or so.




Another developer-centric freelance podium, Rentacoder also uses the secure-payment feature of escrow where the payment is withheld by the system until the client’s project is completed and delivered.




It is an awesome job portal where you can get in touch with entrepreneurs, demonstrate and sell your services in exchange for a handsome pay. The best feature of iFreelance is that unlike other services it never charges any sort of commission on the pay you earn through a project. However, to get started, you have to sign up for a premium account that starts at $6.25.