For those who do not know, a Quick Response code, more commonly known as QR code, is a bi-dimensional or matrix bar code which is easily readable by QR scanners and latest mobile phones having a camera. However, when using a Smartphone, you will have to install the specific app of QR scanning in it to scan, read and understand the code.

You should make it for your brand as it can help you, a lot, to market your company name and products. However, there are few things that you will have to consider, before you start marketing with it –to get the desired results out of it.


In order to help you out, I am sharing a list of little known practices that will help you execute your marketing strategies using QR codes.

1.    Lead Your User To A Mobile Optimized Web:

The first and foremost thing that you must consider while making the most out of your brand’s QR code is to take him to your official site. However, your site must be optimized for mobile phones. If you have not made a mobile optimized page where you expect your visitor to land, then you should not make this code for marketing.

The reason behind it is that when your customer, through his mobile phone, will land to a web which is not optimized for it, he will be annoyed. As a result of it, he will leave it immediately and there is a possibility that he will not scan your QR code again. Therefore, make sure that you have a mobile version of website that you want your users to land on. Or, you can simply opt for a responsible website.

2.    Tell Them What It Is Meant For:

Once you have made sure that the page on which they will land is optimized for mobiles, now you will have to tell your clients or users what it is meant for. Not telling them the purpose of making the code can make them curious and they may not open it on their Smartphone –due to the recent spying thing and cyber-crimes. Therefore, you must add a tagline that can give them idea of what it is and what they will see when they will scan that code.

3.    Do Not Make It Hard To Scan:

Another practice that can help you market your brand or product with a QR code is not to make it hard to scan for both, scanners and mobile phones. Making it typical may create obstacles in its scanning which can turn off your users. Consequently, all your efforts will be devastated and the desired goal will not be achieved.

4.    Include A Call To Action:

One of the most important things that you must do is to include a call to action on the page where your user will land. It is seen that many QR codes re-direct on a page where, there is no call to action. Eventually, users get confused as they do not know what they have to do now or what you want them to do which compels them to close that link. So, if you do not want to ruin your efforts that you have made on it, you must include a call to action on the targeted page.

5.    Test It Before Launching:

Last but utmost practice that you must carry out is to test your QR code before launching it publicly. The test should not be done on a single Smartphone or QR scanner, but you will have to check it on at least 3 to 4 different mobile phones and QR scanners of different vendors. Not checking or testing it properly can lead you to embarrassing situations.