Internet marketing forums are the best places for a beginner to learn the marketing tips and tactics. Also, you can get your queries solved over there by the savvy marketers and others who have in-depth know-how of the marketing strategies that can help you promote your business in an appropriate way.


There are several forums nowadays that can assist both the beginners and experts in understanding the various marketing tactics efficiently. However, the following list contains the best internet marketing forums of all times.

1.    Warrior Forum:


Warrior forum, established in 1997, is the oldest yet most popular marketing forum among online marketers and SEOs. Whenever I have visited this forum, I have seen thousands of active users on it. Besides the audience, it has the largest amount of threads and posts and all of them are very helpful.

One thing that I admire the most is its audience which is very humble and helpful. Also, you will meet every kind of people from beginner level to expert level. So, you should not worry wherever you stand with your problem as you will surely find someone who can help you solve your issues. However, if you want to take experts advise only, then you will have to pay a fee of 37$ to join the War Room where you cannot ask solution of your problems from experts only but administrators as well.

2.    Digital Point Forum:


Another great forum that can help you learn the effective internet marketing techniques to make money is the digital point forum. There are thousands of threads and posts from which you can take guidance. It also has a lot of internet marketing experts from which you can take helpful advises. Its audience is also very friendly, helpful and responsive.

Also, it has a particular section of buying and selling things such as domain name, web design or complete website. The good thing about this section is that the one who joins it will be kept on probation period of 7 days before he can start posting on it. This measure was taken to keep spammers away from it.

3.    WickedFire Forum:


WickedFire is another famous affiliate marketing forum that has made its name in a very short span of time. It is far more advanced than Warrior and Digital Point forum and only an expert can make the most out of it. However, a beginner can read the threads that experts have posted there to get some helpful knowledge on marketing and other important stuff.

4.    Money Maker Discussion:


Money Maker Discussion is a forum which has only one main topic that is how to make money through affiliate marketing. However, you can also learn some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, traffic boosting tips, social media marketing tips, etc. All in all, it is a great forum that helps you with all the tips and techniques that you should know to make money via online marketing.

5.    Self-Starters Weekly Tips:


The last but not the least on the list of top 5 internet marketing forum is Self-Starters Weekly Tips (SSTW). The owner of this particular forum is Lynn Terry –an internet marketer and the owner of a very well known website

It is comparatively a small forum than the above mentioned forums. However, the good thing about being smaller is that answers posted on your questions and advises that you get here are more personal which is very good for beginners. Most of the times, you will find Lynn offering her advices to users. So, if you are new to internet marketing, then you must give it a try.