GooglePlus, more commonly known as G+, is one of the most popular and fastest growing social networks. Also, it is the only social network which is helping the Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs) in getting better search rankings through many of its powerful features such as +1.


It may seem difficult to use, especially for the one who is new to it. One cannot make the most of this powerful network without knowing and understanding its valuable features. Following is the list of top 5 Google+ features that a beginner should know.

1.    Control To Share:

The first and most effective feature of the Google+ is the power of control to the things you are sharing. It is not only effective but one of the unique things that you will not find in any other social network. Even, the mega social networking website, Facebook does not give you this power to control your shares among the people that you have added or people who’ve added you. Also, you can create circles for your feasibility of sharing.

2.    Hashtag Your Post:

One of the most important features that can help you locate the people or topic of your interest is the hashtags. So, if you want to make your presence notable and increase the number of people adding you in their circles, you must share your every post with an appropriate and relevant hashtag. Do not worry if you forget to add hashtag in your share, it has an auto hashtag option too. It will analyze the content, link or picture in your share and will assign a relevant hashtag to it.

3.    Notify Your Circles Through Email:

Also it allows you to notify your circles through email to make sure that they read it. However, not all the circles will be notified but the selected ones. Also, you can notify the particular persons or individuals but there is a limit to sending email notifications. You can notify maximum 100 persons in one share. There is one thing that you must keep in your mind is notifying your circles very frequently may decrease the number of your followers.

4.    Smoother Navigation Through Keyboard Shortcuts:

You can get better experience of navigation with the help of the keyboard shortcuts of G+. The basic aim behind introducing these shortcuts is to make your experience faster and smoother. Some of the features are fastest scrolling, paging up/down, starting/ending comment, searching, etc.

5.    The “New” Button On Your Live Stream:

I have seen many people complaining about the live stream feature as it is making harder for them to focus on a post that they want to read. The post they are reading goes down as someone, among the people they have added in their circles, posts something. However, it is not a problem anymore. G+ has introduced a “New” button which is similar to a pause and play button. So now you do not have to scroll down again and again to read the post you were reading.