Are you running a blog? Not getting the response or traffic that you think you should get? If yes, then there may be some loopholes in your blog which are making it unable to get attention of your readers. When it comes to blogging, most of the blogger thinks that the only way to grasp attention of their targeted audience is creating nice posts.

Although, quality content is necessary to attract your visitors to your blog, however, it is not enough. There are some other important things that you must look after to make your blog a successful one and to get your desired response out of your blog.


Given is the list of some essential elements that you must look after to make your blog appealing for readers.

1.    Make It Topic-Specific:

The first and most important thing that is needed to make your blog stand out is to choose a unique topic for it. In some cases, it is seen that the blogger enlarges the niche of the blog just because he has a lot of knowledge about different things and wants to embed all in one. However, a blog that is not focused cannot hold the readers for long.

There may be some who are interested to read everything you post but the majority of the readers follow blogs which are specific and focused because they only want to read about the specific topic in which they are interested. Therefore, make sure that your blog is focused on a single topic else it would be lost in the crowd and all your efforts will be ruined.

2.    Create Eye-Catching Titles:

There may hundreds or thousands of blog on the same topic as of your blog and they may have already written and published the posts on the topics you may be willing to write on. So, now what should you do? Should you give up and think to create a blog on another topic? No, this is not a solution.

The only way to give your blog an edge over the existing blogs, in the same niche, is by creating eye-catching titles of your blog posts. Therefore, utilize all your vocabulary and creative skills in creating eye-catching title and I am sure that your targeted audience will be attracted to your blog.

3.    Write What You Feel:

To make your blog appealing, you will have to write something with a unique perspective that someone else has not explored yet. Readers, nowadays, are interested to read something out-of-the-box, something that they have not read, or something they may have already read but want to see the other side of it. Therefore, do not mimic someone else’s words and write simply what you think and feel about the topic.

4.    Use “Read More” Tag In Long Posts:

If you have written a page or two-page long post, it is necessary to use “Read More” tag in it. If not, it will hide the other published posts by throwing them to the previous pages of your blog and the reader may not be able to read other published posts. Therefore, it is must to use “Read More” tag in all your long posts, so that, your reader can scan all recent posts you have published on your blog, easily.

5.    Use Attractive Images:

One of the best ways to make your blog visually appealing is to add attractive images in your blog posts. Images help a lot to entice your content and illustrate your points in the best way. Also, it helps you break the long blocks of texts, making your post easier to read. One thing that you have to take care of is that the images you are adding in your post should be aligned because; non-aligned pictures would make it look worse.

6.    Color Combination Of Text And Background:

Another thing that can help you make your blog visually attractive is the perfect color combination of text and background. The light text on a dark background will make it hard on reader’s eye and the chances are that he will leave the blog without reading your post. Therefore, make sure that you have chosen a light background for your blog and the text is easy to read.

7.    Use Appropriate Text Font:

Similar to the text color, there is one more thing that must be appropriate for making your blog appealing is the text font. Do not use any funky text font that makes your post hard to read. Also, the text size should not be too small.

8.    Keep Posting-Frequency Constant:

It is important to let your readers know how often you want them to check your blog to see the new post you have published on your blog. Do not post irregularly as it would make hard for your readers to check your blog again and again to see whether you have published any new post or not. Set a particular posting frequency, such as posting daily, weekly, bi-weekly, etc.

9.    Integrate Call-Of-Action:

You must integrate call-of-action on your blog to create a strong readership. Readers may be willing to link with you on social media platforms or want to get updates about your blog via email subscription. Therefore, it is important to place call-of-action in your blog so that the interested readers can easily get connected to your blog.

10.    Allow Comments:

Most of the readers want to share their suggestion about the post they have read via comments. So, if you have disabled comments on your blog, it can turn off readers. One more thing that you must consider is not to ask readers to register and sign-in to your blog to post a comment. In most of the cases, it is a turn-off. Therefore, enable commenting option and make it easier for readers to give their suggestion and feedback via comments.

11.    Include Author Bio:

Most of the readers are willing to know who is talking to them. Therefore, it is suggested to include author bio in the post. Make sure, the author bio includes the picture of the author, a brief overview about him and must have some links to get connected with him on social media platforms. All these things are helpful in creating a more natural relation between readers and author.