Blogging has shaped the face of modern internet and communication. It is a popular form of new media where you can share, promote or even sell any product or idea. That is why this web trend is equally popular among amateur and professional users. Considering the huge impact of this powerful medium of communication, I have listed the 5 most widely used blogging system available on cyber world. Let us check them out:

1.    Blogger: Blogger is a popular blogging website. It has some really outstanding features that make it a fantastic blogging platform. It offers web hosting services for both personal and professional purposes. The users can avail many free services and create their own choice of template as well. If you have a Google account then you can easily access and create your own blog.

2.    WordPress: WordPress is a platform that offers various features for blogging. You can either get a free blog or set up your own server. It is mainly used by the businessmen or individuals for interacting or promoting a product or idea. Hosting over 60 million websites, it is the most popular blogging platform available today.

3.    Tumblr: Tumblr is comparatively as popular as other blogging platforms but it offers some additional, unique features. Many bloggers use it for posting articles, pictures, videos and other forms of media. Tumblr also makes sure to provide the bloggers with everything they search in the quickest way. All the activities are controlled from the dashboard where you can add, edit or delete any post. It is one of the widely used blogging system that currently hosts over 100 million blogs.

4.    TypePad: TypePad is yet another blogging platform that has a more serious and high-brow class of audience. It offers free blogging system for amateur or personal bloggers while there is certain fee for those who want to avail more features. Buying the services means you can access and control your posts and adjust its settings that include appearance, widgets, SEO support and many more. This blogging system is widely used by many popular media companies, such as BBC, Sky News and CBC.

5.    LiveJournal: LiveJournal is another blogging resource used by many bloggers. Majority of the bloggers use it for personal reasons but there are also intellectuals who also use this forum for social and political commentary. It has many interactive features for users such as emoticons, attractive templates and unlimited lengths for blog posts etc. It also offers social media activities for bloggers and they can use it for interacting with their relatives, making friends or even promoting an idea. Founded in 1999, it is one the most widely used blogging platform around the globe.