The Social Media is an amazing place to share ideas and have an open conversation with people all over the world. Since its emergence, it has been a tremendous platform for both marketers and advertisers.  Many companies have successfully earned a huge amount of revenue through social media tools.

It builds a direct relationship between a consumer and a product. A customer is enticed to buy a product due to its compelling marketing strategy. In other words, it has a power to compel global audiences.

Social Media

From the perspective of SEO, Social media plays an integral role in increasing traffic and bringing in huge flocks of conversions.

The new Field of Digital marketing has come out as “SMM” or social media marketing. It put core focus on quality content and images. It provides visitors with information, and it also instigates their interest to stay on the website for longer time.

In 2013, a new term is introduced, i.e., “Content Marketing”. It provides immense opportunities of presenting and sharing contents to hordes of platforms for instance, Google Plus, Twitter, Face book, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. These are highly popular social sites for promoting unique and original content to users. The high volume of marketers is adopting social media marketing strategies for rapidly increasing their revenues and customer conversions.

Now lets us analyze the state of social media in the year 2014:

•    Content will remain the king

•    Info-graphics will be of more value

•    Brand marketing will increase

•    Video marketing will grow

•    Blogging will rise

•    More instant conversion and ROI

•    Content will remain the king

The content will retain its supremacy in 2014. It will be more powerful and will keep its position on the top. The qualitative content will rise and bad content will be strictly penalized. The content will provide more value to readers than ever. The readers will find the content informative, purposeful as well as entertaining.

•    Info-graphics will be of more Value

It is a diagrammatical representation of information which offers an easy understanding to readers without the use of much text. The 2014 will be the year of wonderful, appealing and valuable info-graphics for both potential customers and general audience.

•    Brand Marketing will increase

Brand Marketing will certainly increase with more successful representation of multiple brands on social media sites. The products will get much exposure and the revenues of marketers will significantly rise in the year 2014.

•    Video Marketing

It will also grow highly popular among customers enticing them to upload and market their brand videos on metacafe, Daily motion and most prominently you tube. The video marketing increases tremendous traffic with more and more link sharing of users.

•    Blogging will be back again

The demand of blogging will again increase with quality blog posts on WordPress, BlogSpot, etc. These sites instantly along with some social tolls such as stumble upon, dig and delicious etc. make the content go viral quickly.

•    More Instant Conversion and ROI

The conversion will be more rapid with huge amount of revenue and ROI for marketers for quality brand marketing on social media sites. The Return on Investment will be much more than expected in 2013.