Plagiarism is like a kiss of death for businessmen and individuals who have an online presence. Both of them suffer severely from this severe threat. Nowadays, online businesses hire freelancers to write contents for their websites which many times result in copied contents. This ultimately damages the quality of your website that result in the form of losses. To cope up with this serious issue, there are some really effective anti-plagiarism tools that can make sure that your website is 100% free from copied contents.

Here I have listed top plagiarism-detecting tools that you can rely on to check duplication issue in your content. Here they are:



Plagiarism Checker.Me is the latest addition in the list of free and reliable, online anti-plagiarism tools. The tool can scan up to 1500 words at a time for plagiarism. You can scan the content either using its file-attachment feature or copy/pasting passages. Either way, you are assured to get a completely reliable result.


Copyscape is currently the most popular plagiarism-detection tool that is widely used by internet users. It allows the users to search files, websites, forums and blogs and return the contents that match with other sources. It is one of the most trusted tools for detecting ‘theft contents’ among the internet users and is used by millions around the globe. It offers both free and paid services for detecting stolen contents. The free version only detects the articles that have been published while a paid version provides more thorough plagiarism-detecting services for both published and unpublished resources. For purposes where you have to detect large volume of information, you can subscribe to a premium account. The account comes with an API feature that allows automated detection of any copied content in your website or blog.


Duplichecker is another plagiarism-detecting tool that offers free services for detecting copied contents. This tool allows you to paste the whole article in a search box and then check it for plagiarism. It utilizes the web search tools, such as Google, MSN and Yahoo, to find out other sources that have matching contents. It is 100% free and does not cost a penny for offering the service. Incepted in 2006, this anti-plagiarism tool has been used by many renowned businesses and academic organizations.


Plagiarisma offers three distinct features to search plagiarism from a source: (1) You can search the whole text (2) You can search by the URL of a website or (3) You can upload a file with formats that include .txt, .doc, .rtf. Plagiarisma can find copied contents in 190 languages and the results are 100% accurate.


Plagium is another trusted name in plagiarism-detecting softwares. This powerful tool is available free for detecting stolen text with no more than 25000 characters. For more advanced features, you can purchase the premium membership package that allows plagiarism-detection for up to 1000,000 characters. It works in the similar way to copyscape and collaborates with popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to find plagiarism. It has clients from various sectors that include enterprises, academics, government and health care.


Unplag is a plagiarism detection tool operating online. It can scan texts across the web in real-time or against documents stored in a user’s account. Additionally, Unplag claims to perform several checks simultaneously at four seconds per page and save initial file formatting.