With the emergence of SEO, there is a never-ending race among businesses to get top ranks on a search engine result page (SERP). Every business wants the top 10 ranking in popular search engine by getting the maximum traffic to their website. However, there is a simpler and better way they can achieve this task, i.e., using social media techniques.


The phenomenon of social media websites has influenced the world quite significantly. Facebook is one such website that has the largest share in social media platform with over 600 million users around the globe. So naturally every business will look into this major resource to promote their business. In this article, I have discussed some handy tools on how Facebook can help website owners attract maximum audience to their websites and multiply their traffic in a matter of days.

1.    The FaceBook Like Button

Integrating ‘Facebook Like Button’ will allow your website users to share pages that their family and friends can view and like without any hassles. This will make your website visible to a larger audience who may find your web page interesting and eventually land at your website.

2.    The Facebook Recommendations Plug-in

The ‘Facebook Recommendation Plug-in’ is an effective tool for promoting your business, especially for direct marketing. Facebook suggests popular pages (that have a high viewership) to users or that their friends have liked. This makes it possible for you to find your target audience as more and more users like your page.

3.    The Facebook Activity Feed

The ‘Activity Feed’ is s plug-in that lets the friends of your website’s visitors see updates every time they like a page or post a comment. This enables everyone from your visitor’s Friend List to view your website, making your website available to a large number of viewers.

4.    The Facebook Like Box

By incorporating ‘Facebook Like Box’ into a promotion page, it becomes much easier for the Facebook users to reach your website and see what you have to offer them. This makes your whole advertising campaign more interactive and fun, allowing you to generate maximum traffic to your website.

5.    The Facebook Login Tool

With a ‘Facebook Login Tool’ on your website, you assure the visitors that your business is genuine as they can see many other users already registered with your website. This ensures the visitors that you are an authentic business and reinforce their feeling to sign up your website. Using the facepile feature, it becomes easier for visitors to recognize their friends and those who are registered with your website.

6.    The Facebook Live Stream Feature

The ‘Facebook Live Stream’ feature makes it possible for the visitors to participate in an interactive activity available on your website. So whenever you will launch an event or a webinar, the users will be able to engage with your activity using their Facebook accounts. As soon as they click on an activity, they will land at your website where they will be able to participate in a real-time activity while still using their Facebook account. How cool is that!

7.    The Facebook Comments Button

Using ‘Facebook Comment Button’ facilitates the visitors to share their opinions and views about your business or products. This initiates productive debates as well as let you get feedback about the stuff you are offering through your website. Reading positive and encouraging comments about your product invokes others to show interest in your product, eventually making them to land at your website.