Microsoft Excel is one of the most famous spreadsheet application used in computing all over the world. From a small scale business to a large scale business, everyone’s first choice for spreadsheet is Excel. However, buying complete Microsoft Office (MS Office) suite for small business or individuals for using Excel spreadsheet only would be a very costly decision.

Therefore, those who are thinking to buy whole MS Office suite just to use Excel (spreadsheet) should think again as there are some apps that can provide you all MS Excel features at no or low cost. Check-out the given list of few phenomenal alternatives to MS Office Excel.


1.    Google Docs Spreadsheet:

Google Docs Spreadsheet is one of the effective apps that can be used as an efficient alternate to MS Excel. Google Docs is basically a similar office suite to MS Office that has word processor, presentation, spreadsheet and other phenomenal tools and all of them cost nothing to use.

Therefore, the ones who just want to use spreadsheet can now save their dollar bills by using this free-of-cost Google app. However, you must be registered and signed in with your Gmail id/account in order to use this free spreadsheet.

2.    Zoho Sheet:

Zoho Sheet is another powerful app that you can use to replace MS Excel. All you have to do is to register for a free account on its website in order to get access to free spreadsheet. Its interface is quite simple with, almost, all the features that you would be looking for in a spreadsheet. You can also view and edit your existing Excel (.xls, .xlsx), Open Office Calc (.sxc) and CSV (.csv) spreadsheets through Zoho online excel viewer for free. (

3.    OpenOffice:

One of the extremely feature-rich software that you can use an alternative to MS Excel is OpenOffice. One thing that makes it different from the above mentioned alternates is that you can download and install it in your computer just like MS Office. Another thing that is compelling most of the businesses to use it instead of MS Excel, these days, is the similar interface and almost the same features as of its competitor for free.

4.    EditGrid:

Last on our list is EditGrid –another online-spreadsheet application that can be used instead of MS Excel. More and more people have started using it due to its user-friendly interface and features. Similar to Zoho Sheet, you will have to register on its website in order to utilize the free spreadsheet application. One of its great features that make it unique from other Excel alternatives is the Online Collaboration. This feature allows multiple users or a project team to edit the same spreadsheet at a time.