Sometimes, people wish to take a frame running in a video as still photo but unable to do it because they do not know how to do capture it. Windows itself comes with multiple options of capturing frame running in a video as still image such as ‘Print Screen’ and a Windows Media (WM) Player shortcut ‘Ctrl + I’.

Talking about ‘Print Screen’ option, it is not very precise and the picture you will get would not be of desired quality. Second option i.e. ‘Ctrl + I’ works well in WM player. However, if you are using WM player 11, it will not work and in order to take photo from a video, you will be required to run it on other media players such as GOM, VLC or Classic Media Player.

Taking Still Picture From Video

The above mentioned reasons are useful only for capturing images from a video running on WM player and would not be useful for other media players. Following are some effective ways that can be used to take still photos from a movie running on aforementioned media players.

#1 Classic Media:

Classic Media Player seems to be an outdated media player because of its simple user interface. However, do not get deceived by its interface. This player comes with a wide range of options that would be hard to find in other renowned media players.

In case you are watching movie on Classic Media Player, the above options would not be useful. However, you can still take images through its built-in option of getting still images. All you need to do is to click on the ‘File’ option at the top of the screen.

Media Player Classic

Clicking on the ‘File’ option will open a drop down menu having multiple options as shown in the above image. Among those options, there will be a ‘Save Image’ option. All you need to do is to click on this option to capture your desired frame from a video as still image. However, one needs to be precise enough not to miss the desired frame from video. If you are not precise enough, the wrong or undesired frame will be captured.

#2 GOM:

GOM player is yet another feature-rich audio and video player which can open and play a wide range of video and audio file formats smoothly. Dissimilar to other media players, it supports XviD, DivX, FLV1, AC3, OGG, MP4, H263 and various other formats. Besides just playing different file formats, it is able to do many more things with the video tracks.


So, if you are watching movie in GOM player, you can easily take still image from the video through its built-in function of capturing frames as still pictures. All you need to do is to click on the ‘Control Panel’ button shown in the given above figure.


Clicking on this button will open the different picture capturing options shown in the above image.

Choosing ‘Advanced Capture’ option will allow you to take image on your desired image quality parameters to get High Quality (HQ) pictures from the movie.

One more thing that makes it better than other media players for taking still shots from a running video is that it is able to capture up to 999 frames at once. In this way, it decreases the chance of missing your desired frame from video.

#3 VLC:

VLC is yet another light-weight, feature-rich media player that is known for supporting any playing any audio and video file format. Besides this distinct feature, it has many more things to offer to the user due to which, it has been widely used by the users around the world.

Among a long list of features that it provides to the end-user, there is a feature of capturing still image from a video. In order to take the image, you will need to go to the ‘Video’ option displayed in the bar at the top of screen.

VLC Still Image Option

Selecting this option will open a drop down menu as shown in above image. From the list of options, you will need to select ‘Take Snapshot’ action when your desired frame comes on screen.

Similar to the Classic Media Player, it requires the user to be very precise while capturing the frame from the video because if the user will not be precise, there are chances of getting wrong frame captured which will ruin your efforts.


Aforementioned are the ways to capture image from the video running on some of the renowned and widely used media players. Besides these media players, there are other tools, software and apps that can be used to take still images from a DVD.

However, it is recommended to play your video on players like VLC or GOM because of the simple interface and advanced options of capturing frames as still image from video. In case you have any concerns or queries regarding the aforementioned ways or procedures, you can ask us through comments and we will try to resolve your queries with the best possible solutions.