Twitter needs no formal introduction since the world already knows its prominence and potential. What developed as a single-platform allowing users to type a micro-message (140-characters) and send simultaneously to hundreds of thousands of friends, has now evolved into a more streamline broadcasting channel. It has even empowered the general populace to get in touch with their favorite celebrities, brands or idols without a formal appointment.

Nonetheless, twitter has also given a golden opportunity (more like a platform) to businesses allowing them to enhance their marketing endeavors and stack their sales and revenue. However, it is not easy for savvy marketers to bring the best potential out of their tweets, unless they have the right tools.


Today, we are presenting you some of the most creative Twitter tools that’ll help you supercharge your tweets and make your twitter marketing more productive than ever.



Who doesn’t know – unless you are not a savvy twitterer? Basically, commenced its service as a URL shortener, i.e., allowing the user to shorten their URL and save more character space for effective tweeting. However, in the recent years it has enhanced its dashboard to a greater extent providing more features to general users and marketers alike. Now, with you can also track the pageviews, clicks and engagements of your URL. Moreover, you can also create your own, custom URL for effective brand exposure.

2.    Manage Flitter


Enjoying over 1.6Million users – still counting, Manage Flitter is a great tool that can help you monitor your tweets and your account more efficiently. With this innovative service, you can easily keep tabs on both your followers and followings, with a single-tap. In addition to that you can also monitor or un-follow users who are flooding your stream with spammy tweets. You can now even link your Google+ account to your Twitter.

3.    Hoot Suite


Ah! HootSuite… Recently I’ve written a post on social media management tools, where I’ve already discussed the importance and brilliance of HootSuite. However, I don’t mind doing it again – since it’s worth it. Hootsuite is offers you an advance dashboard to manage all your social media accounts along with twitter. The best part about this tool is that it also provides you with a collaboration feature so that you can work on your social media marketing strategies with your partners or associates.

4.    Buffer


If you are too busy to keep your twitter account updated with latest tweets, then buffer is the best service for you. Many at times, we stumble upon lots of interesting news and material that we want to share it with our followers. However, we can’t do that due to the fear of spam or flooding. Here, you can use the buffer tool to schedule your posts so that your twitter page is automatically updated throughout the day.

5.    Twitter Feed


Twitterfeed is another highly-popular tool used by some of the prominent twitterers out there. The tool allows you to share your RSS feed and automatically post it to your Twitter and other social media accounts like FB, G+ page, etc.

6.    Twitonomy


It is a great service that empowers you to dive into five month word twitter data which includes retweets, followers, etc. The tool offers a rich dashboard where you can manage your tweets and other necessary nitty-gritty details with ease and efficiency. Moreover, you can also track user engagement to see which content is more viral among your followers.

7.    Tweet Deck


Owned by Twitter itself, Tweetdeck is a powerful tool that gives the ability to get more insight into your tweeting endeavors and keep tabs on pageviews and user engagement. It is pretty nifty tool to get you started with managing not only your twitter account but other social media pages as well. Experts suggest that tweetdeck is a must-have tool for purely savvy-users.