Google, the monster search engine and tech giant has created a buzz in online world by bringing a very well-known, senior vice president of product development department to No. 2 to CEO Larry Page during last week. Yeah, I am talking about Sundar Pichai. After the decision of leading Alphabet, a new company that will serve as parent company of Google, by Co-founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Sundar Pichai will be running the most important division.

Sundar Pichai New Google's CEO

Since he is not very known and hardly gets some space in any news related to Google, tech-geeks have become curious to know what has led the management to take such decision of bringing a mid-level directly to the position of CEO. Let’s have an overview of the guy who is now been acting as Google’s CEO.

Who’s Sundar Pichai:

Pichai Sundararajan, commonly known as Sundar Pichai, previously serving Google Inc. as a product chief has become CEO of Google last week due to shakeup in management. It is not just his fortune to become No. 2 to CEO Larry Page but it is his hard work and innovation which has led him to such position in a tech giant.

Talking about Sundar Pichai, he is very gentle and soft-spoken person. He was born in Madras, Tamil Nadu, India in 1972. From his childhood, he was kind of a tech-geek guy and you can even say that it was in his genetics since his father Mr. Raghunath Pichai was himself an electrical engineer.

Sundar Pichai Early Life

After completing his Metallurgical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur –a renowned tech institute of India, he moved to United States of America for higher studies on recommendation of his professor to pursue a PhD from Stanford University. In order to send him states for higher studies, his father withdrew more than his annual salary from family’s savings. However, he changed his mind of pursuing PhD and decided to go for MS and MBA instead.

For MS, he went for the recommended institute i.e. Stanford University from where he earned his degree in Material Sciences. For MBA, he went to Wharton School of the University Pennsylvania. Due to his outstanding performance there, his peers and faculty started calling him a Palmer Scholar and even Siebel Scholar.

After completing both of his degrees, he started working as a product manager at Applied Material and started management consulting at McKinsey & Company. Today, he would have been thinking that he has chosen the right path as if he did not get enrolled for MBA program and would have pursued PhD instead, he may not be the CEO of Google now.

Sundar Pichai and Google:

After few years of job in the aforementioned organizations, Pichai got a chance to enter in Google Inc as a middle level manager in 2004. He was basically responsible for the management of products and innovation efforts for Google’s client software products.

Although he was mainly responsible for the development and management of Google Chrome and Chrome OS but he had played a vital role in bringing the Google Drive to new heights. Moreover, he went on to administer the development of different apps that are being highly used by online and smartphone users such as Gmail and Google Maps.

Sundar Pichai Google Chrome
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After five years of hard work on development of Chrome OS, he gave an outstanding demonstration to the management in 2009 which led the release of Chromebook for trial in 2011. Just after a year of the initial release of testing and debugging phase, Chromebook was made available for the public which has become popular in very short time due to some out-of-the-box features.

Little Known Facts About Sundar Pichai:

Since, Pichai is a very little known person for most of the users as compared to others working at leading position in Google, following are some quick and untold facts that you should know:

Quick Facts:

  • All search, maps, and ads algorithm will be under his supervision.
  • Two major portals including Play Store, YouTube and Google’s OS for smartphones (Android) will be supervised by him.
  • He developed the three latest versions of Android including Jelly Bean, KitKat and Lollipop.
  • Android One, the affordable smartphone project, was his idea.
  • He’s now reported worth almost $150 million.
  • He has also been termed as spokesperson of Larry Page.
  • He accompanied with CEO Larry Page and CBO Nikesh Arora on tour of Samsung factory in South Korea to strengthen Google’s relation with its partner.

Untold Facts:

  • In 2014, he was rumored to be in negotiations with Microsoft to be its 3rd CEO but Google retained him for $50 million a year in stock.
  • He walks out whenever he is in deep thought, even during an important meeting, and return with the solution to whatever problem is being discussed.
  • He was a captain of school cricket team during his high school.
  • He was offered to lead Twitter by replacing Jason Goldmart but he refuses the proposal.
  • From the time he joined Google, he was never found involved in any politics drama and keep his focused towards his duties only.
  • He has also played a vital role in convincing the founder of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, not to sell it to Facebook.
  • He’s been gifted with an outstanding numerical recall memory which makes him remember any number he has ever dialed.

Sundar Pichai and His Love:

Besides leading a successful professional life, he is also leading a prosperous married life. He married to his love Anjali, now Mrs. Sundar Pichai, whom he dated in India. She later joined him in United States and now they have two beautiful kids a baby boy (Kiran) and a baby girl (Kavya).

Anjali Sundar Pichai Wife
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He has been reported to propose Anjali during last semester at IIT which she accepted. As stated above, his father withdrew funds from family’s saving to send him abroad for higher studies. Therefore, he was living hand to mouth in U.S. and was unable to make any contact with his love for more than six months.

However, after few years, Anjali also left for United States to pursue MS which was an proved to be an effective move for creating a stronger bond between them. After the first job at a semiconductor firm, Sundar took the permission of his parents to marry Anjali for which they came back to India and went back to United States after getting married.

According to some reliable resources, it has been reported that the credit for his meteoric rise goes to his wife because she was the one who advised him not to quit Google for any other tech-giant and here’s he, the new CEO of Google.

Why Page Left The Position Of Google’s CEO:

In a press conference held on Monday lead by Google officials, Larry and Brin has announced to run parent company named as Alphabet to give new dimensions to the world as they have given one how people use internet for searching information and other things. Along with Google as one of its subsidiaries, Page and Brin has announced to run similar subsidiaries that would cater specific products and projects.

Larry Page Alphabet CEO
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According to the resources, they have created Nest specifically for smart home products, Google X for company’s mysterious moonshot ideas and Calico for life extension research. In the same press conference, they have declared to hand over the management and all other responsibilities of Google to Sundar Pichai while they will play amorphous roles of Alphabet.

Moreover, the reason behind why Page has made sub-divisions and decided to run them individually under a single parent company is to provide more lucrative opportunities to staff working there for years. Although, the organization is known for providing perks that are hard to get anywhere else, it was important to create some dramatic change similar to that Page have made last week.

New Rise Of Google:

Although it was a tough decision to handing over multi-billion dollar subsidiary, but the decision was made for the benefit of Google. This change will help Google create more C-suite opportunities, improved organizational environment and, most important of all, refrain loyal and hardworking executives from leaving.

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Just after the announcement of Google’s rebirth as Alphabet, the company is reported to have an agreement with DexCom to create a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) as tiny as bandages. It’s not only the size which is reduced but also the suggested price of these CGMs is quite lesser than any other option available currently.

This announcement is just a beginning of new series of products that will be launched by Google shortly and it is obviously a clear sign that the company will be going to make more rapid progress as it did in the past.