It is no more a mystery that social media has strong influence on the ranking of a web or blog in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). During last few years, major social engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! have started tracking the links shared by the public in their social media circles and it is affecting the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the web in a positive manner.

Social Media and SEO

Social media presence has become important for webs and blogs for quicker indexing of the posts published on it. Along with it, it is also assisting in driving more and more traffic to the web. Following are the four little known ways which will show you how social media can affect search engine ranking of your web.

1. Keyword Optimization Through Profile And Shared Content:

One of the most effective ways that social media can help you pin your web on top of search rankings is the keyword optimization through the profile you have made on various social media networks and the content you have shared on them. Hashtags, introduced by Twitter, play vital role in categorizing the post you have published. Similarly, you can add hashtags in your profile bio for making it optimized on targeted keywords.

In case you are running an online business or branding your business in online world, then the profiles you are creating on different social media platforms must contain all important information. It will help you get rankings in local business listings.

2. Social Sharing Is Actually Link Building:

We all know that backlinks are essential for improving the ranking of a website in search results. People, previously, were not aware of the fact that the content being shared on social media by them or their readers is actually link building. However, after the strong affect of social media in search engine ranking, social engine optimizers have started focusing on increasing the organic shares of their links and posts.

Every single time the post will be shared, it will be considered as a backlink of your web. Therefore, the more your post will be shared on social media networks, the higher will be the chances of your web of getting position in top rankings.

3. Social Media Connections, Fans and Followers:

A social media profile created will have no impact on the ranking of your web unless it is connected to different social media profiles. Similarly, the business pages having no or few followers and fans will have no affect on web ranking. Therefore, make sure to increase the number of fans and followers of your social media profiles and pages and add as many people as you can to your social circles. In this way, the content being shared by you will likely to get more shares which mean that more links will be created of your web.

4. Social Presence Increase Domain Authority:

The more shares you will get of your web content on different social media networks, your domain authority will be increased which means that your chances of getting better rankings in SERP will be increased. Therefore, you must make sure to update your social media profiles as often as you update your website with fresh content.