If you are tech-geek, you would know what IFA is to the tech world. However, the ones who do not know, IFA is the biggest tech show of the Europe where all major tech giants come and reveal their new products. This is the reason why approaching to the entrance of IFA consumer electronics 2015 is such an exciting moment for tech lovers.

IFA Consumer Electronics Show 2015

Although, not every tech lover is fortunate enough to get a chance of attending the event but one can easily get to know what products are introduced by the tech giants during the show. Following are the products that have been launched in IFA consumer electronics 2015. Let’s have a look at them.

#1 Samsung Gear S2:

One of the most amazing smartwatches that have been revealed during the IFA consumer electronics 2015 is S2 gear by Samsung. The North Korean giant has introduced the new, round-shaped smartwatch which is categorized in three versions: a Classic version, a Bluetooth version and a 3G version.

All of the three versions have physical back and home buttons with lovely straps. The watches are loaded with 25+ options that you can use for customizing your watch the way you want. Talking about the battery, Classic and Bluetooth versions are equipped with a 250mAh battery whereas 3G versions are equipped with a 300mAH battery because of the use of 3G.

The screen is just 1.2” but the AMOLED display gives crystal-clear image of everything making it easier for the user to watch everything appropriately within the tiny screen. Moreover, the apps are dotted in a circle that gives free space on the screen making navigation and switching between the apps easier.

Watches are equipped with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB ROM but the external storage option is still missing. Last but not the least feature which makes it wearable is its lightweight. The Classic version weighs 42 g, Bluetooth version weighs 47 g, and 3G version weighs just 51 g. In short, all of the three versions of Samsung Gear S2 are compelling and this is the reason why they are getting positive reviews from the critics.

#2 LG Watch Urbane Luxe:

LG has also launched its new smartwatch at IFA consumer electronics 2015, LG Watch Urbane Luxe. The watch launched at IFA is basically a premium version of the LG Watch Urbane Luxe featuring a genuine alligator leather strap and 23-carat gold body. Only 500 pieces of the watch are produced due to the high price tag of US $1,200 which is quite pricey as compared to the ordinary version of the same watch which only costs US $299.

LG Watch Urbane Luxe IFA
Image Courtesy of: http://www.digitaltrends.com/wearables/lg-watch-urbane-smartwatch-news/

Although the price of premium watch is high as compared to the ordinary version of the same watch but if you compare it with the premium watches introduced by Apple ranging from $10,000 to $17,000, having 18-carat gold body. This watch is obviously a limited edition and will be available in market from October 2015.

#3 Moto 360 (2nd Generation):

Similar to Samsung, one of the biggest smartphone vendors Motorolla has launched the 2nd Generation of its smartwatch Moto 360. There are advancements made to its design but it still has some niggles. Although the screen size is bigger than that of Samsung Gear S2 but the display is not good.

Moto 360 Gen 2 IFA 2015
Image Courtesy of: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/hardware/this-is-why-the-new-moto-360-shouldnt-be-for-women/articleshow/48807178.cms

This smartwatch has a high standby time as it is equipped with 400mAh battery. The smartwatch comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity but 3G connectivity is still not introduced which is a major drawback to it.

It’s not just 3G option which is missing, but the watch also do not have NFC feature which is used to pay through touchless payments systems. I think this is the reason why the vendor has kept the price low. The basic version of this smartwatch can be bought for just US $300.

#4 Huawei Watch:

Similar to LG, Huawei has also launched its smartwatch at IFA consumer electronics 2015 show which was previewed at MWC 2015 six months ago. Although there is no unique feature in it but the appearance of this watch is way more appealing than that of any other smartwatch showed off at IFA. If you look closely to the watch, you will find its design a mix of LG G Watch R and Moto 360.

Besides its cool appearance, it is one of the rare smartwatches which are able to work on both iOS and Android. It uses the same display technology as that of Samsung Gear S2 i.e. AMOLED. However, the screen size is a bit bigger than that of Samsung’s smartwatch i.e. 1.4”. The internal storage and RAM is similar to any other smartwatch that has been introduced at IFA but it has highest number of cores i.e. 4 which makes it the most fast processing watch.

#5 ASUS ZenWatch 2:

Just like Samsung and Motorolla, Asus has also introduced the sequel of its smartwatch ZenWatch 2. This smartwatch comes in two different sizes (1.45” and 1.63”) three different body colors and a wide range of wristbands to choose from. However, Asus has kept its traditional watch design i.e. square face design.

This smartwatch has a high standby time as it is equipped with 400mAh battery. However, the internal storage and RAM is similar to any other smartwatch i.e. 4 GB ROM and 512 MB RAM. Talking about connectivity, there is only one option that is Bluetooth connectivity.