MyLikes is a great content, video and social media monetizing site that helps you earn money by simply promoting the sponsored ads, known as “Sponsored Likes”, through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter accounts and your website.


The money you can earn depends upon the efforts that you are making to promote the link that you have generated. Adherence to the given simple and easy tips can maximize your MyLikes earning to a great extent.

1.    Implement On The Given Notes:

You will get a note or instruction with every post or link that you will be sharing through MyLikes. That note contains the basic information about the post such as where you can share and with whom you must share it. There are some advertisers who restrict their ads for some particular region or demographic only and some limit it to the particular social media website.

Therefore, you will have to see very carefully that where you can share it and where you cannot. Sharing on the wrong platform or with the wrong audience will ruin your efforts and will leave you with nothing in your hand.

2.     Include Hashtags While Sharing The Link:

If you are sharing the link on Facebook or Twitter, then you must include trendy, relevant hashtags in it. It helps you make it searchable over the web. However, it should be relevant to the product and audience as well.

Adding irrelevant hashtags just to increase your post or tweet’s search would be a bad call and it may turn off your followers or friends. And there are chances that they will probably not click on any of the post that you will be sharing with them in future.

3.    Make Your Social Account Stronger:

Another thing that can help you increase your MyLikes income is to make your social media accounts stronger. The more audience is connected to your account, the more you can earn from it. Therefore, you must concentrate on increasing your social interaction.

4.    Add MyLikes Widget To Your Web:

One of the important things that you should not forget is adding MyLikes widget on your blog or website. This will help you convert the traffic into earning. Otherwise, the traffic coming to your site will be wasted and you would not be able to get the benefits out of it.

5.    Do Not UNDERESTIMATE YouTube:

One more thing that you should do, if you really want to increase your earning via Mylikes, is not to ‘UNDERESTIMATE’ the power of YouTube. YouTube is the biggest and heavily populated video sharing site having billions of views per day. Therefore, you must create an account on it, if you do not have an existing one, and share the informative videos related to the link of the product.

One thing that you will have to edit, in the video that you are going to share, is a call-to-action banner. Banner should be concise yet coherent. Such as, “Get more information by clicking the link given in the description”. In this way, the audience who is interested to know about the product will click on the link and the pay-per-click amount will be transferred to your MyLikes earning.

6.    Do Not SPAM:

Last but an important thing that you should pay attention to is avoid SPAMMING by sharing loads of links to your social media accounts. It is because, social media networking platforms are not meant for advertisement of someone’s product.

Also, sharing huge number of advertisement posts or tweets may compel the audience to start blocking, un-following and un-friending you. Therefore, you must keep patience while sharing the links –If you really want to make money for long-term.