Gone are the days when all smartphones come with a default arrangement of home-back-recent apps button as LG has now introduced a feature of arranging the home screen buttons in its new handset LG G4. Although it is not an inception of something marvelous in the tech industry, but still the freedom of arranging home screen buttons is something that users haven’t expected to have and was trying to make habit of using the same arrangements.

Moreover, LG has not limited this feature to changing or swiping the default home positions between one another, but the company has also empowered their users to add new buttons in home screen. If you are a rebellious smartphone user who wants to use the phone, the way you want, you should have bought LG G4.

LG G4 comes with default 3 home screen buttons, as of any other smartphone, including home, recent-apps, and back button, in the respective manner. However, as aforementioned, the position can be changed or even new buttons can be introduced in the home screen button’s series.

When it comes to setting up customized home buttons in LG G4, most of the users (who are not tech-geeks) found it a bit difficult. Don’t worry if you are one of those users as you have spotted the right page to get help from.

Following is the step-by-step procedure that you can easily implement in your LG G4 to change home buttons or their position. Let’s have a look at it.

Step # 1: First of all, you will need to go to the phone Settings and then to the Device section for Display settings.

Step # 2: The display section has multiple sections from which you will need to go to Basic Settings section to find ‘home touch buttons’ settings.

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Step # 3: When you will tap on ‘home touch buttons’ option, it will take you to the ‘Edit Home Touch Buttons’ section where you will be given with multiple options of customizing your LG G4 home screen buttons such as Hide; Home Touch Buttons, Color and Button Combination.

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Step # 4: From this section, you will need to touch Button Combination option to customize the arrangements of home screen buttons. Once you are there, you can rearrange the home buttons by swiping their positions.

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How To Add Buttons To Home Screen Buttons Family:

Besides changing the home screen buttons’ arrangement, you will be given with an option of adding additional buttons to the home screen navigation bar. The additional four buttons that you can add in your navigation bar will be Notification, QMemo+, QSlide and Dual Window buttons, respectively.

Notification Button:

As it names, Notification button brings notifications on the screen without bringing the notifications shade manually. This comes in handy for users with small hands who do not like to go all the way up to bring the notifications shade down. If bringing the notifications shade down bothers you, then you should add this button in home screen buttons nav bar.

QMemo Button:

With QMemo button, LG G4 users can capture their screen to save as a note. This way, you don’t have to go to notes, and manually write down the notes or add images or screenshots in it for future use. Simply tap on this button and your screen will be saved as a note.

QSlide Button:

QSlide button enables user to bring one of eight LG’s pre-installed apps. Not only you can bring any of those desired apps on screen, but you can also resize and move around the screen.

Dual Window Button:

Dual Window button allows you to split screen into two, the dual screen mode. However, it only supports a few Google apps like YouTube, Hangouts, Chrome and Maps. So, you don’t have to switch between apps.

Adding A Button:

To add your desired button in home screen navigation, you will have to repeat the given above procedure from Step # 1 – Step # 3. After that, you will need to touch Button Combination option and drag-up your desired buttons, one of the four buttons aforementioned, in the home screen buttons. However, you can only add two additional buttons as you can only add up to 5 buttons in home screen buttons panel.

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Bonus Feature:

Knock Code:

Usually, smartphones come with two security options including a 4-digit code security and drawing a pattern, but when it comes to LG G4, it has more to offer for its user’s security. LG has introduced a Knock Code option.

To activate Knock Code, go to Settings, tap on Lock screen feature and then select screen lock. From the given screen lock options, select Knock Code. Tap the squares for 3 – 8 times, drawing a pattern you can easily remember.

Pic 7

Once you have successfully drawn a pattern that you can easily remember, click ‘Continue’ and draw the pattern again to confirm. Moreover, create a PIN code for your Knock Code so that you can access your phone, if you have forgotten the Knock Code.

To unlock your phone, you have two options. For first option, you will have to wake up your phone where square area on the screen will be shown in which you can draw and Knock Code pattern. The other way, you can first draw pattern and then your phone will wake up and unlock automatically. This way, no one would be able to determine what’s your phone’s security is.