Anyone who is running an ecommerce website wants to make the most of efforts and money he/she is investing. The only way to make the most of it is to adopt a strategy that can significantly increase your sales.

When it comes to increasing sales of an online store, there are many ways to do it such as running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Social Media Marketing campaigns, buying ad-space on a high Page Rank (PR) website in your niche and similar other ways. However, the most effective and reliable option is to go for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Top Ecommerce SEO Tips

SEO is a combination of tactics that pins a website on the top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) on relevant search queries. The higher the website will rank, the greater will be its chances of getting targeted traffic.

There are hundreds of SEO tips available on the internet. However, some of them are ineffective and some of them are complicated. Therefore, I have handpicked some of the easy-to-implement and effective tips that will help you get your website optimized easily.

1. Avoid Duplicate Content:

When it comes to SEO, there are some important key elements that you should be aware of especially if you are willing to get your website on top of Google SERP. There are many things that Google does not allow the bloggers or optimizers to do just to get their website listed in higher positions. One of those most prohibited things is the duplicated or plagiarized content.

In order to make sure that no website having duplicated content can get listed in top positions of SERP, Google has launched an update which is named or known as ‘Panda’. The Panda update is there to let Google know which website has high quality original content and which does not. The ones having non-plagiarized, unique content is likely to get top positions quickly whereas duplicated-content websites are likely to be penalized.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that your textual data, be it product description, blog posts, or any other webpage, should be original and of high quality. Else, your desire of getting targeted traffic through search engine will not be fulfilled.

2. Make The Most Of Product Images:

There was a time when one can only drive traffic through textual content by sharing it on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or submitting it on several article submission directories. However, the trend is a little bit changed now.

There are now people who are making most of their web images and getting loads of traffic via their visual content. Websites like Pinterest and Instagram are serving as effective resources in getting tons of traffic via images. All you need to is to sign-up on these websites for free and start sharing your product images and you will see how effective your product images are in diverting targeted traffic to your online store.

However, it is recommended to add and share High Quality (HQ) pictures of your products as the sharpness and other variants of the image resolution has influence on human nature and people are likely to explore the HQ pictures as compared to the low quality ones.

3. Be Wise While Choosing Anchor Text:

For those who do not know, this is text or words through which the web owner links the web pages such as ‘Click Here’, ‘Read More’, ‘View More’, etc. Most of the people do not know the importance of anchor text and they just take it for granted and use the exact words or similar anchor text mentioned above.

On the contrary, anchor text is something that requires your attention. Using your desired keywords, as anchor text, can help you bring your website on top on the search queries based on those keywords. However, avoid repeating the same keywords for anchor text because it is considered as spam in Google’s vision. This obstacle can be overcome easily be acting smart and using multiple synonyms of your desired keywords.

4. Catchy Product Titles and Descriptions:

Suppose, you have done all your efforts and now your website is ranked among top 5 websites on your desired keywords. But, still you are unable to get traffic. Why? It is because the titles of your products are so stereotypical and boring that turn off visitors. Therefore, it is important to create such titles that excite visitors to click and see what’s inside.

Similarly, if you really want to entice the visitors landing on your web, for the very first time, you will need to come up with catchy product descriptions. A good salesperson is the one who is able to find and use the hot button of prospect. Therefore, you need to do the same and add such words and clichés in your textual content that will let him think that it worth reading. If you can manage to write up such text for your web, you will be likely to get a high visitor to customer conversion ratio.

5. Give Alternate Options To Reduce Bounce Rate:

High bounce rate of a website is for-sure a negative signal to search engine. There are several reasons behind high bounce rate. However, the most common reason for an ecommerce website having high bounce rate is ‘Product out of Stock’. When a visitor views this or similar text on an online shop, he/she is likely to leave the webpage at the very next moment which increases the bounce rate.

In order to overcome this thing, you can simply provide the visitor the alternative option of the product they are interested to buy. This may not help you get more sales. However, it will be going to help you reduce the bounce rate of your web and get higher rankings in SERP.