Are you left with free hours in your daily schedule? Do you want to make the most of them by making some dollars?  If your answer is “Yes”, then you have landed on the ideal page. It is because, in this article, I am going to tell you a secret of making money online easily i.e. get paid for surveys.

We all know what a survey is but for those who don’t know, I am giving a brief intro. Survey is basically polling and taking answers to the questions on a particular topic from a huge audience to evaluate what people think about something.


So moving onto our main point i.e. making money through surveys, I am going to share a list of few sites that are very well known and many people got paid through them.

1.    Ipsos:

The most effective and the best website that pays you for surveys is none other than Ipsos. There is no shortage of surveys and one can easily get an Amazon voucher worth of £10. It is very credible and upfront when it comes to paying money.

However, you cannot draw your money either in cash/cheque or any other means of transferring funds. All you can get are the vouchers of Amazon, John Lewis and Capital Bond and it will be arrived in 3 to 4 weeks once you cash in.

2.    Swagbucks:

Another good survey paying site is Swagbucks. It has a lot of options for paying out such as answering the daily questions, watching videos, using it for searching instead of any other search engine and, even, for playing games. In short, you have a wide range of options of making money through it.

You will get points when you do any of the mentioned things known as “Swag bucks”. You can redeem your points through its reward store. However, you should be very careful while redeeming your points because there are some rewards that you can redeem for same points. However, some of them are better value than others.

3.    GlobalTestMarket:

GlobalTestMarket is an American survey site that pays cash (in form of cheque) once you reached the amount $50/£31. Cheques take up to 2 months to arrive at your doorstep. The downside of this particular website is that it often screens-out after a few questions. However, few points will be given to you. Although, the typical rate of each survey is £1.20, it may take six months to reach the minimum amount that you can draw.

4.    Pinecone:

Pinecone is one of the most reliable survey-paying websites in the online world. However, there is one thing that you may regret and that is you cannot just go the site, sign-up and start making money. They have a very unique system of recruiting members i.e. you can only sign-up if you get an invitation from it.

You can find the invitation in form of web banners placed on any other site. So, if you are lucky enough to find the invitation, you should not wait a sec to jump and click on that banner. You can draw your payment through PayPal when you reached the threshold amount of £3.

5.    Newvistalive:

The last on our list of top and reliable webs that are paying money for completing surveys is Newvistalive. The threshold amount i.e. £50 that one can easily hit within a duration of six months which is not a bad deal at all. You can get 50p-1£ for a typical survey.

The team of Newvistalive keeps an eye on each and every user to determine who is just filling the surveys without reading the questions properly. Once you caught doing it, you will be banned and all the money that you have accumulated in your account will be wasted.