That time has long gone when one has to install too many different scripts in his blog or website to receive donations for his non-profit organization from fans, supporters or readers. Thanks to the WordPress (WP) developers who have developed such plugins which allow you to receive donation from, almost, any online money transfer services such as AlertPay, PayPal, and Visa/Master powered Debit/Credit cards.

All you have to do is to select a plugin that, you think, suits you best and install it in your WP blog’s plugin directory simply. There are hundreds of plugins available in the WP plugin directory and choosing the best for your blog may be a hectic task for you. In order to help you out, I am sharing a list of best WP donation plugins which will make it easier for you to opt for the ideal one.


1.    PayPal Donations:

PayPal is considered as one of the most common and widely used funds transferring services around the world. Therefore, it is a must thing to use it on your blog for getting donations for your non-profit organization. And, when it comes to install a PayPal plugin for donations, there is no plugin that can beat its unending demand.

Plugin Available Version: 1.8.1

WP Version Required: 3.0 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.5.2

Rating: 4.7 Out Of 5

2.    Smart Donations:

Smart Donations is one of the most favorite donation plugins for the WP blog owners who want to receive donations for their charitable organization. It is basically all in one donation plugin that supports seven different funds transferring services including WePay and PayPal. You can use all of them or can customize it by using Classic Donation, TextBox Donation, Three Buttons Donation or Slider Donation.

Plugin Available Version: 2.5.1

WP Version Required: 3.0.1 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.5.2

Rating: 4.7 Out Of 5

3.    Easy Donation:

Another great plugin that can help you collect funds for your charitable organization is Easy Donation. With this plugin, your donators have the choice to send you money with Dwolla, Stripes, Credit Cards and PayPal. You can also get the short codes of it if you want to put request for the donation in your content. Payments will be processed through –one of the most secured third-party money processing websites.

Plugin Available Version: 1.0.0

WP Version Required: 3.3.2 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.5.2

Rating: 5 Out Of 5

4.    The WordPress Donate Plugin:

Last on our list of WP donating plugins that you can have for your WP blog or website is The WordPress Donate Plugin. One can easily create unlimited goals and campaigns of getting donation with it. It offers real-time progress meter with PayPal IPN and also enables you to see the names of the donors –who have chosen not to be un-identified. It generates a customized email and sends it to the donor to let him know that the payment that he has donated has transferred in the account of non-profit organization.

Plugin Available Version: 1.0.1

WP Version Required: 2.7 or Higher

Compatibility Up-To (WP Version): 3.0.5

Rating: 4.5 Out Of 5