Suppose you are working late at night on an important project and your mouse stops working. You would not be able to get your work done if you do not know how to operate computer using keyboard. Therefore, it is important to know how to operate your computer with keyboard or at least few shortcuts of operating keyboard like mouse.

Usually, people are aware of some of the most common keyboard shortcuts such as cut, copy and paste. However, these few shortcuts are not enough to operate computer without mouse especially when you need to use the right click of mouse.

How To Right Click Using Keyboard

The right click of mouse is required for various tasks such as renaming, opening a file with different tool, checking properties of a particular file, dragging and dropping a file or folder from one location to other. Therefore, it is important to know the keyboard shortcut to function it like right click of mouse.

Following is the shortcut which you can use to get tasks done through keyboard which is usually done with right button of mouse.

Keyboard Shortcuts For Mouse Right-Click:

#1: Shortcut Key For Keyboards Having Application Key

If you are using a desktop, then you probably have attached an external keyboard. Using the right click via external keyboard is quite easy as compared to doing it in a laptop. The external keyboards are usually given with a right-click shortcut key as shown in the given figure.

Application RIght Click Key

In the above figure, there are various keyboard keys and sections highlighted. Among the keys highlighted at the bottom of the keyboard, you will see a key named as Menu, also known as Application key, placed in between the Windows and Control function button.

This key is a perfect replacement for the right click of your mouse. All you need to do is to go to your desired file using the arrow or directional keys and press this key. It will open a drop down menu that is usually opened using the right click.

#2: Shortcut For Keyboards Without Application Key

Usually, the internal keyboards, keyboard of laptops, and some of the external keyboards do not come with the Application key. In case, you have that keyboard, you would not be able to use the right click easily.

In such case, you will need to know the keyboard shortcut comprised of the combination of 2 keys. One is Shift key and another is Function 10 (F10) key ‘Shift+F10’. The Shift key is placed in the first and last column of the alphanumeric section of the keyboard and F10 key is placed in the upper most key row of the keyboard.


If you want to right click using the given above keyboard shortcut, you will need to do the same as mentioned in the first method i.e. you will need to use the direction keys to select the file on which you want to use this shortcut. Once you have selected the targeted file, you first need to press Shift key and then F10 key. Doing so will open the drop down menu that is opened using the right click of mouse.

Some Other Important Keyboard Shortcuts:

The given above are the only two working shortcuts of operating your keyboard and function it like the right click of mouse. However, this shortcut would not be enough in case your mouse has stopped working. In order to help you out, I have listed some other useful keyboard shortcuts and keys which will help you get control over your computer using your keyboard.

  • Tab Key:

If your mouse is not working, then it would be hard for you to jump from one field or tab to another. However, the Tab key can be used for this purpose.

  • Shift+Tab:

In case, you have jumped from one field or tab which you wanted to open. If you wanted to go back to that tab, there are two possible ways. The first one is to keep on pressing the Tab key unless it takes you back to the desired field or tab or simply using the shortcut ‘Shift+Tab’ and it will take you back to previous field or tab.

  • Alt+Tab:

Without a mouse, it is merely impossible to switch between multiple windows if you do not know the keyboard shortcut of doing it. ‘Alt+Tab’ is the perfect alternate to your mouse functionality of switching between multiple opened windows.

  • Ctrl+T:

If you want to open a new tab in browser without mouse, you will need to use the combination ‘Ctrl+T’.

  • Ctrl+W:

Similar to opening a new tab in browser, you can also close desired tab by using the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl+W’.

  • Ctrl+Number:

One of the most tedious tasks, without having a functional mouse, is to switching between the opened tabs of your browser. However, one who knows the appropriate shortcut can get it done easily. ‘Ctrl+Number’ is the shortcut of doing that. Here Number simply refers to the number of tab that you want to open using the num keypad given in the alphanumeric section of the keyboard. For opening 1st tab, you will need to press Ctrl+1, for 2nd, Ctrl+2 and so on.