There is more sweat than money involved in creating a website: template designing, PSD to HTML conversion, errors troubleshooting and web promotion, etc. Some people prefer to do all the hectic work personally, through DIY method. However, there are some who are inclined to outsource people or services to let them do all the technical, mind-muddling work while they handle other important business operations.

This necessity calls for a huge and effective platform where clients can find potential contractors for a variety of services. This necessity lead to the expansion of outsourcing services on the World Wide Web giving birth to thousands of online platforms where you can find the dozens of contractors for a particular job with just a click.


Flippa, a holy grail for savvy marketers who are addictively involved in web flipping business, launched its own classified listings on 14th June adding to the already brimming outsourcing market. This new section offers three main categories with each having dozens of sub-categories. The three main categories you can find there are: products for sale, people for hire and general classifieds.


In the “products for sale” category you can literally find any type of products or services you want to outsource, i.e., from web design templates to content to web scripts. “People for hire” category, as the name suggests, lists down professional developers, copywriters, designers and other internet marketers who are ready to offer you their services. Finally, in the “general classified” category, you’ll find mixed services from potential affiliates to prospective buyers.

Although the $5 classified listings has led many people to believe that Flippa is trying to tap into Fiverr market, but there is still a difference between the two markets. For one, you pay $5 for listings on Flippa classified, not for your services like in Fiverr.

Comparing the two platforms, Fiverr has a better system of connecting prospective clients with potential contractors, not to mention it provides an unending list of services. However, the Flppa could prove to be more successful than Fiverr in terms of transactions due to its targeted traffic, which mainly consists of website owners.

The best think I like about this unique classified listing is that it offers “Nofollow” links which makes it completely invulnerable to link farmers. For now the only things it lack are reviews or comments which could help the other decide whether the listings are reliable or not.