Skype, now owned by Microsoft, is one of the most famous and free VoIP app (Voice over Internet Protocol). It has almost every feature that you need for voice and video chatting. In 2011, Microsoft bought it for a huge price of $8.2 billion. Soon after that, users started facing advertisement during calls and other issues that compelled them to move to other VoIP apps.

So, if you are also infuriated with those annoying advertisement or any other problem for that matter, then you must check out the following superb alternatives to Skype.


1.    Jitsi:

One of the great alternatives to Skype for having smoother voice and video chatting environment is Jitsi. Along with the voice and video chatting option, it also has Instant Messaging (IM) option for its users. The IM platforms that you can integrate with it are AIM, Jabber, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, etc. It is available for Mac, Linux and Windows.

2.    UberConference:

UberConference is a great app that you can use as an alternative to Skype. It has a beautiful yet simple interface which ensures that you know who you are talking to on call. You can mute, hang up and earmuff specific users with its call control option. Also, you can integrate your Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and other social media accounts to it to get connected with your friends, family or relatives.

3.    ooVoo:

Having a lot of interesting features, ooVoo is also a potential contender against Skype. It allows its users to chat with 12 friends by using its conference calling option. Along with sending and receiving video messages, you can record your videos and directly upload them on your YouTube account easily. You can also send IM and share files through it.

4.    VSee:

VSee is one of the simplest yet powerful video conferencing software. Along with the smoother call conferencing option, you can share applications with a single click. Also, you can use drag and drop option to send files to your friends and colleagues. Another great feature of this software is that it can make calls even on 50% less bandwidth required by Skype and other call conferencing softwares.

5.    Nimbuzz:

Having more than 1 million likes, Nimbuzz is a pretty simple, sleek and user-friendly app. Its mobile version is available for almost every mobile OS including iPhone, Kindle Fire, Android, Windows and Nokia. Also, it offers you the cheapest rates for making international calls through it.

6.    Viber:

Last on our list of phenomenal Skype alternatives is Viber. Similar to Nimbuzz, it is available for desktops and mobiles. Among mobiles, it supports iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia and latest Windows phones. It authorizes you to make free calls, send free IM, and share pictures with other Viber users anywhere in the world.