Google Trends is an amazing and innovative graphical application by Google that shows what keywords users all over the world are using to search a particular thing. It lets you explore the interests of Google users in search topics. In other words, it is a graph that illustrates the popularity of a keyword or a topic that you enter in search. The search can be filtered region or country wise so that you can easily see what is popular in which country or region.


Through Google Trends, you can easily decide about topics for your blog by seeing and comparing the popularity of different topics that are searched on Google over time. By seeing the popular searches made by people, you can easily have an idea of what your potential customers would like to buy or what their requirements have been in the past. But Google Trends is not the only application for comparing search terms and looking at the history of the popularity of a keyword. There are other alternatives as well that can be easily found on the web. Some of them are listed below:

1.    SpyFu

SpyFu is a cool alternative for Google Trends that lets you spy on the keywords of your online competitors by downloading their popular keywords and adwords. This website is a lot better than Google Trends because it allows you to type a keyword to get access to comprehensive information on a particular topic. For example, if you type the word “cancer”, you will find interesting data on how this topic was searched in the past few days, months or even years. You will also get an advertising history of the search term or keyword by seeing which websites received the most searches or inquiries about the keyword. You can search for any domain and see every place your competitors have shown up on Google.

2.    Topsy

This website is a great Google Trends alternative which provides latest news articles and tweets on popular topics that were searched in the last ten hours. It shows the search terms you entered in the system along with a graph that illustrates the popularity of the topic among Internet users in the last few hours or days. Freelance writers and blog owners can get new ideas for their writing by seeing and comparing the topics that have been recently popular among users. They can easily know in which topics the users are most interested and write their articles accordingly.