There is no doubt that smartphones have simplified our lives to a great extent by integrating all things into a single smart gadget. However, sometimes not knowing all the options and features make it hard for the users to use the smartphones.

Most common of all complexities of a smartphone that has been faced usually by Android users is the duplicate contacts. Whenever someone buys a new Android phone, he is likely to sync all the accounts including social accounts such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and email account such as Gmail.

android contacts

Integrating all these accounts would be completely fine and you will have to do nothing if you do not have added the same person in multiple accounts. If you have, then your phone will make your contact section cluttered by displaying multiple contacts for a single person.

However, carrying out the right steps can help you resolve this problem of multiple contacts of a same person by merging them into one or by deleting its copies. Following are some of the effective ways that you can try to make your contacts section navigation clean by deleting duplicating contacts from your Android phone.

Method # 1: Via Your Gmail Account

If you are using an Android phone and have backed up all your contacts, then you can simply remove the duplicate contacts through your Gmail account –the same account that you are using on your smartphone.

To delete duplicate contacts from your phone, you will need to login to your Gmail account. On top of the left sidebar of your Gmail home screen, you will see ‘Gmail’ with a drop down menu option. Click on the drop down menu sign and select ‘Contacts’ option from the menu.

Gmail 1

After opening the contacts, go to the ‘More’ button which will be located just above the ‘Primary’ section of your Gmail account. From its drop down menu, select ‘Find & merge duplicate contacts’ option to remove duplicate contacts.

Gmail 2

Just wait for few seconds after selecting the aforementioned option to complete the process. Once the process is completed, a screen will appear with the duplicate contacts. In case you do not want to merge some contacts, you will have to uncheck them first and then click the ‘Merge’ button at the bottom of screen.

If you want to merge all the duplicate contacts, you can simply go at the bottom of window and click ‘Merge’ button. This will merge all the duplicate contacts from the Android phone which is connected to this particular Gmail account.

Method # 2: Via Phone Contacts:

Most of the Android phones, these days, come with a built-in option of merging contacts. This smart built-in feature scans the contact directory and list out duplicate contacts with similar email addresses and contact numbers from which you can choose which contacts you want to keep and which ones you want to delete.

In case your Android does not have this option, do not worry. There is another option of merging duplicate contacts in Android phone contacts. For this, you will need to go to ‘Contacts’ and tap on the menu button which will display a drop down menu with multiple options.

Phone Contacts

From the drop down menu, select the ‘Merge Accounts’ option. Selecting this option will make a small window pop-up on your smartphone screen with two options. One would be of Gmail account and other would be the smartphone vendor such as LG, Motorolla, Samsung, etc.

From whatever options you are given with, you just need to tap on ‘Merge with Google’ option. This will merge all your accounts to a single Gmail account avoiding any duplicate contacts to be displayed in your phone and making the contacts navigation easier.

However, with this method, most of the duplicate contacts will be erased but not all of them. To remove the ones that are not merged with this method, you can simply delete them by selecting each of them manually.

Method # 3: Via A Dedicated App

Another great way to remove the duplicate contacts from your Android phone is to use a dedicated app for this purpose. There are hundreds of apps such as Contacts Optimizer  which is specifically developed for managing contacts and resolving issues like duplicate contacts.

All you need to do is to go to Google Play, search for the duplicate contacts or merge contacts apps. When you will search, you will be displayed with lots of similar apps developed to resolve this issue. However, not all of the apps are equally effective.

Duplicate Contacts Android

There are many things that one should look for in an app before wasting his time on downloading the app and uninstalling it later such as its rating, and user reviews or comments. After analyzing these two things, you can download and install the app in your phone.

Once the app is successfully installed in your phone, launch the app, select remove duplicate contacts and have a simple navigation for your contacts.