We all have experienced such moment when we unintentionally click ‘Delete All’ button and loss precious images that cannot be recaptured. Similarly, sometimes we pull the memory chip out of the camera while the images are still under process. As a result of it, the images and other files get corrupted.

Image Recovery Tools

Recovering these images can be a difficult task for anyone who is trying to do it manually using Command Window or any other method. In order to get lost images recovered, you will need to use reliable recovery software and tools. In case you do not know such recovery applications, do not worry.

Following are some handpicked recovery programs that you can easily install on your computer and execute them to get your precious photos recovered.

1. 7-Data Recovery:

7 Data Recovery

7-Data Recovery is a reliable utility which is especially developed to recovery media-rich files including digital images, photos and videos. This software can recover the virus-affected, deleted, corrupted or formatted images and videos from a Universal Serial Bus (USB), Scan Disk (SD) cards and, as well as, local hard drive.

The software supports a wide range of image and video formats which makes it capable of recovering any type of file easily. 7-Data Recovery is premium software which you will need to buy to get your lost images recovered. For those who want to risk their money can check its performance first by downloading the free trial version.

2. Zero Assumption Recovery:


Zero Assumption Recovery (ZAR) is also a renowned recovery tool available on the board. As it names, ZAR is a very efficient recovery tool that scans the formatted or corrupted disk quite deeply making sure not to lose any important file during scanning. Due to the deep scanning, it takes much more time than that of any other software. For instance, if you are willing to scan a 2GB USB or SD card using ZAR, you will need to wait for at least 4 hours.

The mentioned time is an average scan-time for a high performance computer. In case your computer is not performing well, the scan-time can be further increased. ZAR is also a premium recovery tool which will cost you few dollars. However, if you are willing to recover photos only, then the free version will suffice your needs.

3. PC Inspector File Recovery:

PC Inspector

PC Inspector File Recovery is yet another great tool for recovering lost data including images and videos. Dissimilar to ZAR, this software is only good at finding the photos that were deleted or formatted, intentionally or unintentionally and it is not able to recover the images and videos from a corrupted hard drive, USB or SD card. Although this tool is quite lightweight and quick, but it requires user to be aware of some computer technicalities including the difference between physical and logical drive and other basic tweaking capability.

In case you are beginner with little to no knowledge of such computer technicalities, then it is suggested not to waste your time on this software. Computer geeks can make the most of this awesome recovery tool without paying a single cent for it as the developers has made it available free of cost for users.

4. Recuva:


One of the most amazing image recovery software is Recuva. It is very lightweight and quickest of all scanning software which is able to scan the 100GB hard drive and fetch the deleted image files from it in couple of minutes.

However, if you are willing to retrieve images from a corrupted memory drive, then you will have to go for another tool as it is unable to scan corrupted drive or SD card. This software comes in both versions i.e. free and paid. The paid version has some advanced features of recovering a wide range of lost documents whereas the free version has some limitations.

5. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery:

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

In case you are looking for a complete do-it-yourself recovery tool that can retrieve deleted images and video files from internal or external hard drive, then you must try Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. It is an intelligent data recovery tool which can track down lost data files including media-rich files mentioned above.

While scanning the memory drive, it will start listing out images and videos that were deleted and allow users to preview those files and select which of them they want to retrieve. In this way, users can select and recover only important images and videos. Dissimilar to other recovery tools, it supports scanning of huge sized memory drives up to 1TB.

Bottom Line:

There are hundreds of recovery software and tools available online but very of them are effective in real. However, aforementioned tools are highly rated by users and computer geeks due to their efficiency of recovering images and videos. Therefore, you can pick up any one of them and I am sure that tool will help you recover the lost, deleted or corrupted files easily.