Keeping your system password protected becomes important when multiple users use your Personal Computer (PC). A password on your Windows profile can protect your privacy because the profile can only be accessed by the user who knows the correct password of it.

However, there are times when a user forgets the password that he has set on his profile due to which he cannot access his very own profile. The only way to access your profile is to recover the forgotten password. If you are unable to do that, the chances are you will never be able to access your personal data.

Recover Windows Forgotten Password

When it comes to recovering the forgotten password, there are many tools that claim to be the best for unlocking Windows profile. However, very few of them are actually useful for getting the password recovered.

In case have forgotten your Windows password and want to unlock your profile, you will be required to use the password cracking tools. Following are some of the very best yet effective password recovery software and tools that can unlock your Windows profile easily.

1. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor:


One of the fastest Windows password reset tools available for free is Offline NT Password & Registry Editor (ONP&RE). As mentioned above, this tool basically resets the password instead of recovering it. When you will run the disk in which you have burned the software while logging into your account, it will erases the password you have set for your profile instead of showing you the previous password of your profile. In this way, you will not need to provide the forgotten password to set new password. All you need to do is to enter the new password in the blank space and press ‘Ok’ simply.

2. Cain & Abel:


Cain & Abel is a renowned password recovery tool for Windows operating systems. It is really an amazing tool that applies different unlocking techniques for password recovering such as Brute-Force, Cryptanalysis, and Dictionary. The basic aim of this software was to empower the administrators and security officials to login to a particular Microsoft operating system to have a check and access to activities and information of a suspicious user.

Along with the password recovery, this software is able to record VoIP conversations, recovering wireless network keys, uncovering cached passwords and analyzing routing protocols for network monitoring and administration. In short, this tool can do many more things besides just recovering the password of your profile.

3. Trinity Rescue Kit:


Trinity Rescue Kit (TRK) is another amazing utility that can help you get your Windows password recovered easily. Besides just recovering the Windows password, it can also be used for retrieving forgotten password of Linux. TRK does not require the end user to be familiar with technicalities of computer coding to reveal the password.

A user should only be able to use keyboard expertly and should be familiar with the common English terminologies. Besides recovering password, this tool can also perform wide range of tasks such as disk cleanup, virus scanning, etc.

4. LCP:


LCP is one of the really useful and effective password recovery tools available online. In order to crack your Windows profile password, you will need to download it from its website and to run it within the same PC from someone else’s profile.

Once it is being executed on the system, it will unlock your Windows profile. However, it is a little bit intimidating for those who have not used any password recovery tool before. Therefore, a prior knowledge about password cracking software can help you use it easily and avoid other problems.

5. OphCrack:


OphCrack is the most recommended password recovery software for Windows. The reason being so famous and endorsed by professional users is its simple interface and effectiveness.

Dissimilar to LCP or any other complex cracking tool, you are neither required to get familiar with the technicalities of computer nor to access another’s profile on the same computer. Just download it from another computer, burn it on the disk or a flash drive and boot from it.

6. Kon-Boot:


Another easy-to-use, fastest password cracking tool available online is Kon-Boot. It works quite similar to ONP&RE. All you need to do is to burn it on a disk or a flash drive, boot from it and your password will be cracked.

However, the free version i.e. Kon-Boot v1.0 is only useful for cracking passwords of Windows XP and Vista as it does not support 64-bits version of Windows such as Windows 7 and Windows 8. In order to reset passwords of 64-bits version of Windows, you will need to buy the premium version i.e. Kon-Boot v2.4.


The given above list of tools is mainly comprised of free password recovery tools and there are various other similar tools available in paid version. So, if the above tools do no work well for you, you must try out some other tools available. In case you have any query, concern or suggestion in regards to the software mentioned above, you can post them through comments and we will try to resolve them.