Nowadays, LinkedIn has become a popular platform for business promotion and building social networks. It is one of the top business social networking websites on the Internet and has become as popular as Facebook and Twitter. It is considered as the world’s largest network of influential professionals.


LinkedIn is definitely a great place to focus your time and energy, particularly if you have a strong professional network. This website plays an important role in marketing and promoting your business effectively. Today, many companies are using LinkedIn to market their product and services, search for prospective job applicants and leads, and share their views on particular areas of interest. Adding LinkedIn to your marketing strategy is undoubtedly a great idea. Here are some ways through which you can use LinkedIn to promote and expand your business:

1.    Build Your Profile And Post Regular Updates

One of the best ways to promote your business is to complete your full profile on LinkedIn. The more information you add in the profile, the more easily you’ll be connected with others. You must make your profile visible to public so that other people can search you easily. Creating a public profile gives you more exposure and people can easily find your products and services. It is important to keep track of your profile and update it on a regular basis in order to expand your business. Also post regular status updates (2 to 3 times a day) that would attract your target customers. Spend time on your profile and share, like and comment on the links that other people in your network post.

2.    Grow Your Professional Network

Send personalized messages and invitations to your friends, acquaintances and people you meet at events, conferences and various social gatherings. Ask them to join your network on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to send invites to your clients, employees and partners.

3.    Add Recommendations

Include recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. Recommendations are similar to testimonials that other people write about you and your business. By including recommendations and a positive word of mouth about you, other people are encouraged to do business with you and join your network on LinkedIn.

4.    Ask For Introductions

Search for new connections within your existing network, in the news feed, in recommendations or in the LinkedIn company pages. Ask people in your network to introduce themselves.

5.    Participate In Groups

Another great way of expanding your business is to actively participate in groups related to your business or your interests. Not only join groups related to your industry, but also search for those groups in which members are actively involved in discussions. Participate in discussions and give your viewpoint where you think you should. You can also start your own discussion on a particular topic of interest.

6.    Become A Paid Member

You can also upgrade your account for a paid LinkedIn membership in order to expand your business. In this way, you’ll get more benefits which will help you achieve your goals. You can click on the Basic Account Upgrade link to know more about the benefits available for paid LinkedIn members.

7.    Advertise Your Products

LinkedIn offers the feature of paid advertising which allows you to promote your products to the target market. Before using the advertising feature, make sure you understand how it works. Through this feature, you can easily target your products and services exactly to those who you want to reach.