Prestashop is renowned, open source ecommerce software that has been widely used by the online shop owners to build their online stores easily. According to a recent survey, it has been discovered that Prestashop has hosted more than 200,000 online shops around the world.

Having such large number of online shops hosted on it shows its credibility and fame in the ecommerce world. However, some of the people who have been using it may not find it up to their expectations and they may be willing to host their online shop at any other feature-rich ecommerce software.


For those who do not want to use it anymore, there is good news for them i.e. it is not the only reliable open source ecommerce software out there. There are various other feature-rich software available for building an online store easily.

Do not worry if you have not found its alternative on your own because I have researched and picked up some of the best Prestashop alternatives. All you need to do is to scroll down and choose the one that seems to meet your needs.

1. Magento:


When it comes to finding the most competitive software to Prestashop, there is no software better than that of Magento. It is really amazing ecommerce software that is aimed to revolutionize the online shopping industry. Along with the features, its architecture and flexibility removes all constraints that you usually have to face upon hosting your online store on an ecommerce platform. In short, Magento provides you the full control over your online store and allows you to amend in any way you want without any restrictions or permissions.

2. InfusionSoft:

2. InfusionSoft

InfusionSoft is also one of the most reliable alternatives to Prestashop. It has been widely used by small business owners around the globe due to its easy to use interface which allows them to organize and edit their online store according to their need which helps them to increase sales and save time. Furthermore, one can easily build and implement marketing strategies, generate new leads and gain visitor’s attention. In short, it helps you get all your tasks done easily without wasting your precious time.

3. osCommerce:

3. osCommerce

osCommerce is a great Customer Management System (CMS) for online shops that comes with both options i.e. download it on your server to build your ecommerce web or simply develop your online shop on its website like any other ecommerce platform. It has been widely adapted and used by thousands of giant online stores because of its reliability, ease of use and features. There are hundreds of adds-on available which an average user, who does not know anything about coding, can easily integrate in his online shop to make changes or add features in it without manipulating with the coding.

4. OpenCart:

4. OpenCart

Another renowned system for building and hosting an ecommerce website is OpenCart. Dissimilar to Prestashop, building an ecommerce website on it is quite easier and one can give his online store the desired look by integrating the adds-on and the ready-to-integrate ecommerce templates. Furthermore, there is no restriction on number of products, manufacturers and categories and can also offer multiple languages and currencies to cater the visitors landing on your website from different parts of world. These features will not only help you give your ecommerce store a unique look but will also increase sales.

5. Amazon Webstore:

5. Amazon Webstore

Webstore by Amazon is another great platform to host and run your ecommerce website easily. Unlike other ecommerce platforms, it gives you the freedom to customize storefront according to your needs. Furthermore, it comes with really cool features such as shipment tracking, inventory management, order processing and fulfillment which make the task handling easier for the online shop owner in a timely manner. All you will need to do is to attach it your back-end system and your online store is ready to go.

6. BigCommerce:

6. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is one of the renowned ecommerce platforms having almost everything that one needs to setup an online store. It has gained popularity in a very short duration of time due to the wide range of adds-on and other amazing features that can easily be integrated in an online store to give it a unique look. Furthermore, there are plenty of other features that will help you promote your business and increase sales effectively.

7. JumpSeller:

7. Jumpseller

If you are the one who have less or no knowledge regarding the technical things such as adding payment methods, list of products and shipment tracking manually, then JumpSeller is the platform that you must give a try. It is the simplest and easiest of all ecommerce software for setting up and running an online store. All you need to do is to upload the list of products, payment options and other necessary things that you want to add in your online store and it will manage everything on its own, giving you a ready to go online store.

8. Shopify:

8. Shopify

Shopify is another great alternative that can be a permanent solution for all your ecommerce needs and wants. Setting up and running an online store with shopify is as easy as abc. There are many reasons to host your online shop on it such as the customizable store design, free ecommerce hosting, unlimited number of products, and, most important of all, secure shopping cart. Due to these and other amazing features, more than 30,000 online stores are successfully running on it.