Pinterest, the youngest of all social media platforms, has influenced social media marketing to a large extent and has become No. 1 image-sharing website. Just after two years of its inception, this website has gathered 70 million users from all over the globe which has made it more fastest growing website than Twitter in second quarter of 2013.

There are several reasons behind its rapid growth such as very user-friendly interface, eye-catching boards, easy startup, etc. However, most important of all is that it helps social media marketers and bloggers to drive loads of traffic simply through sharing images.

Pinterest Tools

But not all of the pinteresters are able to gather audience and drive traffic to their websites. Why? It is because they are not using those tools which are essential to shine your account and make your profile prominent among others. Therefore, if you want to be a successor, then you must use the following pinterest tools.

1. Viral Tag:

Viral Tag is one of the most important tools for a pinterester who does not want to lose any chance of influencing new users. With this tool, you can schedule when you want your pins (images) to be published on your board. It gives you the freedom to categorize your pins. Therefore, you can easily schedule your pin-posting to relevant boards.

Along with the scheduling, it also provides you with an image editing option. So that, you can simply edit images while you are scheduling them. Consequently, you do not have to use any image editing software separately.

2. PicMonkey:

Most of the people think that Pinterest is all about posting images and they are correct up to some extent. However, the images you are posting over it must be of high quality and should have a unique look. Your pinboard should have a customized look and feel. Else, your efforts will be wasted and you will be left empty handed.

Editing image and giving it a personal touch is not a piece-of-cake for all because it needs skills and expertise to edit on professional software such as Adobe Photoshop. However, with PicMonkey, you can easily edit your images and give them a unique look. Its basic version is available for free but if you want to unlock all of its features, you will have to pay a minimal fee of $4.99.

3. Piqora:

If you are focusing to market your brand and increase its awareness among the audience on Pinterest, then you must checkout Piqora. It is basically an effective marketing tool for those who want to run promotions on their Pinterest profile. Also, this tool has its own analytics which can be used to measure the effectiveness and reach of the marketing campaign you are running.

4. PinPuff:

PinPuff is yet another great tool for social media marketers. It allows you to track your pins and their influence among the audience. Also, it provides you some other important details of your pins such as their worth. Yeah, you heard me right. The pins you are sharing worth dollars and they also have cost per click. Along with the monetary elements of your pins, you can also get to know some other important aspects such as number of followers, pins, likes, and repins for every board you have created.