When it comes to online shopping, the only online store from where most of the users prefer to buy things they need is Amazon. There are many reasons behind getting preference over other online stores such as the vast range of products, exciting deals, competitive price and surety that the product delivered would be of quality and would be same that you have selected.

Also, on many of its products, it does not charge any shipping fee saving hundreds of dollars of their customers. There is no doubt that it is really a good online store having many positive aspects that compels the user to buy from here instead from any other online store.

Amazon.com Alternatives

However, there are some things that have compelled people to avoid using it and one of those reasons is the tax dodging. No matter whatever your reason to avoid using it, you can now do it easily as there are various online shopping portals having almost everything for which you used to use Amazon such as buying electronics goods, books, music, clothes, etc.

Among the hundreds of online shopping stores, I have picked up some of the reliable alternatives which you can start using to break the habit of buying everything from Amazon.

 1. eBay:

1. eBay

For the ones who are addicted to buying everything from Amazon, there is nothing best than eBay. eBay was prior a website where used goods were sold or auctioned. However, after becoming popular among the online shopping market, it has started developing and introduces many other features. One of the added features of eBay is that it started selling new products as well. It has the widest range of products among all alternatives and all products are of good quality. Therefore, it can be considered as a good replacement of Amazon.

2. Barnes and Noble:

2. BarnesAndNobles

It is a fact that Amazon generates major portion of its revenue by selling books and novels. It is because it claims to have the widest range among all. There is no doubt that books and novels listed on it are hard to found at some online stores but not on all. There are some brick-and-mortar bookstores such as Barnes and Noble that can be used for buying your favorite books and novels. It also offers a Nook application for both desktop and smart gadgets that can be downloaded for free and to read your favorite author’s book comfortably.

3. eMusic:

3. eMusic

If you are using Amazon to buy music, then you no longer need to buy from it. eMusic is one of the biggest online music stores from where you can purchase music easily. One thing that makes it distinct from other renowned music stores such as iTunes is that it allows user to directly download the song from their website in MP3 format. Furthermore, you do not need to buy the whole music album just for the one song because it allows its users to download songs individually. The store also offers membership and provides its member users up to 50% discount on all songs.

4. Netflix:

4. NetFlix

Netflix is yet another great alternative to Amazon for the users of Amazon Prime who have gotten membership for video streaming. There are many aspects that does not only make Netflix a good alternative but also better than Amazon Prime itself and one of those many factors is its better original programming. Therefore, if you are a member of Amazon Prime and willing to find a better alternative to it, then you must head to it.

5. Debenhams:

5. Debenhams

If you are looking for an online shopping platform to buy everything you used to buy from Amazon, then you must visit Debenhams. It is really an amazing online shopping store having a wide range of products from clothing to crockery and fashion to furniture. Not only it has a wide range of products, but the website is designed in a way which makes it easier for the users to browse the products which he wants to buy. Also, the price of offered products are competitive than that of regular price in the market. In this way, you can easily buy anything you need and save your precious money as well.

6. John Lewis:

6. John Lewis

John Lewis is another giant online store which offers everything that you may have seen or want to buy from Amazon. Besides books, you can buy anything such as Home & Garden, Sports & Leisure, Toys, Clothes and Electrical Appliances. Go through this online store and I am sure that you would find it useful to break habit of buying from Amazon.

7. Newegg:

7. NewEgg

If you have gone through Amazon, you would have seen that most of the items listed on it are electronic appliances and you may have thought that such huge range of appliances would be hard to found at any other online store. However, it is not what you think. Although, it has a wide range of appliances but it is not the only online store to have that many products listing. Online stores like Newegg are far better than Amazon for the ones who buy electronic appliances from it. This online store does not only offer home appliances and other similar products but it also offers industrial and automotive equipments

8. Bibliocom:


Biblio.com is one of the leading online book shop which claims to have more than 8 million books in its inventory. The thing that makes it different from other leading online book shops is that it offers used, out-of-print and rare or limited edition books which are hard to found at any other online bookstore.