In order to run an online business, you mainly need two things i.e. an ecommerce website and a wide range of products to showcase and sell. However, in order to increase number of sales, you will need to make the access to the products page and buying procedure easier for your potential customers.

It is because the products can only be sold if it the entire process i.e. from landing of visitor to checking out is easier and convenient. If there is any complication encountered by the user during this process, he/she will likely to leave the web without buying product from your online store which means that all your efforts, time and money will be wasted.

optimize ecommerce Site Search

Therefore, while designing your ecommerce website, it is important to make sure that it has easy or user friendly navigation. Following are some of the little known ways to optimize your ecommerce site search to increase the conversion rate of visitors into customers.

1. Avoid Complicated Design:

When it comes to designing, the ecommerce web owners usually prefer unique designs to make their web get distinguished among others. There is nothing bad in creating a distinct identity using creativity factor. The reason I have mentioned the creativity factor is because most of the times, creativity increases complexity.

Due to which, it becomes hard for visitors to find and buy their desired product. The creative design can only be fruitful if you can manage to make it attractive and simple at the same time. If your design seems complicated, leave it and go for a simple design. It is because your main motive is not to make website look some piece of art but to increase the conversion rate. Go for the design which seems to give higher conversion rate.

2. Categorize Your Products:

One of the most important factors that can help you make your website search easier for visitors is to categorize your products. The categorization is important as it makes easier for visitors to find their desired product in lesser time.

For instance, if someone wants to buy a wrist watch, there are two ways to find. The first one is to go through all product pages to see where wrist watches are and the second one is to browse quickly through ‘Accessories’ category.

Similarly, there are many things in ‘Accessories’ section, therefore, it would be better to create sub-categories to make it quicker and easier to find the desired product without wasting your visitor’s time. In short, the more you can categorize products, the easier it will be for users to browse the products.

3. Integrate Search Bar:

Another important element to make in-site search optimized is to add search bar in it. Search bar is the easiest yet quickest way to find a product, among thousands of products, in seconds. When it comes to adding search bar, you need to be smart while picking up the search bar. Traditionally, there were only such search boxes that searches only on a single keyword.

Therefore, the user has to search separately for different products. However, now there are such web search tools in which one can enter multiple keywords separated by ‘Comma (,)’ and it will fetch out and display all the products available in your online store on those keywords in a single search.

4. Link Important Pages To Home Page:

The home page, also known as index, of a website is likely to get more organic visitors for having most SEO juice. Therefore, this page must be designed to increase the conversion rate. How? As this page is expected to get most visits or views, you need to link all important pages of your website to it. Add banners in the header, footer and sidebars with exciting promotional and discounts offers, newly added products, deals and packages and other marketing variations depending upon the products you are selling. In short, every portion of your home page should be designed for call-of-action.

5. Uniform Navigation Across Entire Web:

To make the website search user friendly, you have to make sure that all pages of your web have the same navigation. It simply means that the buttons, tabs, menus, commands and other navigation elements should be same on all pages. Having same navigation across the entire web will make easier for visitors to know where from where they have entered on the page and what should they do to go to the next, previous or new page.

6. One-Click Checkout:

Last but not the least to make your in-site search optimized for visitors is to integrate one-click checkout in your online store. Checkout is one of the most critical elements as there can be numerous fields to fill to purchase a product online. Therefore, it is recommended to add only such fields that are necessary for checking-out from your online store. In this way, the checkout will become smoother for your customers.